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Microsoft Power Platform

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Digital transformation begins with a valued partner and a reliable platform. Unlock the potential of your organization with our digital experts and the Microsoft Power Platform. With the Microsoft Power Platform, you’ll do more than just turn great ideas into impactful solutions – you’ll innovate your business from the ground up.


Forward-thinking organizations are using emerging technology to transform the way they do business. The Power Platform makes it easy to analyze data, build solutions, and connect across your organization. The Microsoft Power Platform consists of three products: Power BI, PowerApps, and Power Automate, all delivered through Microsoft’s cloud-based Common Data Service (CDS) and hosted on Azure. Alone, these technologies have the potential to change the way you do business. But when used together, they became truly transformational – creating new business models, improving engagement, or revolutionizing an industry. With built-in automation, the Power Platform is streamlining and digitizing how businesses do data analytics, app development, and app connectivity providing its users with powerful data.

using Microsoft power platform

INSIGHT: Power Platform Gives Companies the Power to Transform

See how Microsoft’s Power Platform gives workers the tools to create their own data dashboards without waiting for help from IT.

Transform your organization

A trio of tools that unlock the full potential of low-code Digital Transformation.



We’ll help you to create a data-driven organization by enabling everyone with the power to turn data into insightful visualizations your team can use to implement business decisions quickly and confidently.



Have customized apps in hours- not months- that connect to your existing data and systems, helping you to solve your specific process and business needs more efficiently.

power automate

(Formerly Microsoft Flow)


Stay ahead, with automated workflows constructed in minutes across hundred of popular apps and services. Best part? No coding needed.

gain data insight

from anywhere, at anytime

Power BI

Business Intelligence

Helps you take informed decisions with the ‘Analyze’ feature of The Power Platform. It transforms data into interactive visuals and allows sharing with other teammates. Get one view of the data insights on-premises and in the cloud. Power BI enables the sharing of customized dashboards and interactive reports across the organization. In short, Power BI brings your data to life.

Power APPS

A low-code / no-code platform, bringing a unique approach to building business apps. PowerApps supports cross-platform, which enables you to run your app on any device of your choice. Power Apps empower non-technical users to easily create custom applications that work on mobile devices to support a wide range of business tasks. These apps allow your team to share and capture information on the go, simplify processes and remove manual or paper steps.


previously Microsoft Flow

A cloud-based tool that allows users to create and automate workflows and repetitive tasks across multiple applications and services. These workflows can be used to integrate and update data, synchronize files, get notifications and more. Once a workflow is created, it can be managed across your desktop or via a mobile app.


Longterm Support

Microsoft is committed to investing in the growth and functionality of Dynamics 365 and you can be rest assured that Sikich will remain with you every step of the way.

Managed Services

Simplify technology management with powerful expert support that delivers to your top priorities, including profitability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.


We can help you find the right balance between data and application security and productivity. From compliance and security assessments to investigating attacks and mitigating noncompliance risks, we’re in your corner.


We handle everything from integrations, to change management, and training to ensure you get the most out of the solution.


Built with a variety of apps and modules, Dynamics 365 can be customized, and connected to your company, and the other systems that power it.

Customer Relationship Management

Maximize your return on investment, build customer trust, loyalty, and insight while enabling your sales, marketing and services professionals to be more productive.

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