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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Services

Enhance your customer experience with advanced, connected tools.

Dynamics 365 Field Services isn’t just for Microsoft Dynamics ERP; it was built to communicate with any ERP solution, and we have the in-house expertise available to make those connections.

Turn Field Services into a Revenue Stream

We complete a full business process analysis, reviewing all your Field Services processes from start to finish, closing the digital loop from Sales, Customer Service, Field Service and Quality Assurance. We help you think through the whole Service Journey, incorporating perspectives from Finance to Operations to make the most of your investment. We’re not only providing a tool, but the underlying digital processes for your company to look at Field Services and find new opportunities to generate revenue.

Technology for Today and Tomorrow

We’re not selling technology just for the sake of technology, we help you see what you can do with off the shelf capabilities and how it can work for your business in real time.  We come to the table with a proof of concept that works, speaking your language from Field Services to product development.  Our proposed solutions enable you to touch the data once and gain the visibility to see information across the organization for better decision making.

Get Answers to the questions you have but haven’t been able to answer, until now

  • How much revenue are we generating from our warranty plans?

  • Are service parts available before sending?

  • What’s being worked on, and where? In real-time?

Go above and beyond mitigating problems

If your service calls seem like an endless supply of break-fix tickets, one reason could be your system. Without end-to-end analytics and machine learning, technicians or engineers can get bogged down with requests. With a system like Dynamics 365 for Field Services, you’re able to gain insight and intelligence to get closer to fixing problems before they happen, or spread.

The direct result of a solution like Dynamics 365 is a more satisfied customer base. With happier customers, you can continue to deliver stunning service while optimizing business resources.

Improve both customer satisfaction and productivity

Automated triage and scheduling

With the combination of connected, smart devices and AI, your work orders can be triggered by machine learning.

Customer satisfaction

With advanced computer algorithms creating new efficiencies, your business can focus on the human element to drive better interactions.

Increase mobility and success

Smartphones and tablets are key to success in the field. What’s right around the corner, and already part of Dynamics 365, are Augmented Reality features that expand the depth of knowledge technicians have access to in remote locations.

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Use the Internet of Things to detect and diagnose problems before they spread far and wide.

With 10% of emergency field service work getting triaged and scheduled by AI, it’s time to use machine learning to your advantage.

Machine learning goes beyond creating work orders for fixing existing problems. With Dynamics 365, you can know when items need maintenance to prevent repairs down the road.

Work with an Accomplished Microsoft Dynamics Partner

Sikich works with large companies in a variety of industries to implement ERP systems that will improve the bottom line and allow them to grow at an accelerated pace. Our many years of experience working on the entire range of Microsoft Dynamics ERP products put us in the unique position to understand how the advanced features of the Dynamics platform can fit with the unique strengths of your organization.

Work with a Winning Team

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