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As a Third-Party Logistics company (3PL), you are required to have fast and accurate order fulfillment while managing pricing pressures from increased competition. Beat the competition and boost customer satisfaction and loyalty while improving margins, decreasing operational costs, and creating a competitive advantage with the right ERP software solution created just for 3PL companies.

Sikich Third Party Logistics

You have goals, dreams, and strategic milestones you want to achieve. We have developed a Third Party Logistics (3PL) ERP software solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that will allow your business to automate and integrate your warehouse, 3PL transactions, and activities.

The result will allow you to streamline processes to operate your supply chain business more efficiently and profitably. Now 3PLs can add more value in ecommerce beyond pick, pack, and ship.

  • Create projects to group activities together.
  • Define kits to be shipped.
  • Track KPI information per project.
  • Create blanket orders to hold demand until order addresses are imported later.
  • Invoice at project level (not each order shipment).
  • Define rates to charge clients on over 20 warehouse activities.
  • Bill at periodic times rather than per order/shipment.
  • Charge for creating client items.
  • Manage warehouse activities (i.e. receipts, picks, physical inventory, returned shipments, ASN processing from supplier and return of client product to supplier).
  • User defined activities; manual vs. imported order and charging separate rates; manual PO creation vs. PO creation from ASN; expedited shipping charges (premium if shipping is same day).
    Data import order addresses and sales order; unique method of consolidating order deliveries to improve performance; calculate cheapest shipping agent and service to make the requested delivery date; create and consolidate orders to single order with one ship date.
  • Efficient processing of order; pre-create package shipping labels; calculate cost effective ways to package items; pre-print shipping labels; Line Journal Scanning of shipping labels to collect shipments and update what is shipped directly from the line.
  • Charge for storage space utilized; limit bins to single client; track space used by client inventory.
  • Track KPI information on 3PL activities per customer.
  • Create projects to group activities together.
  • Define kits to be shipped.
  • Track KPI information per project.
  • Create blanket orders to hold demand until order addresses are imported later.
  • Invoice at project level (not each order shipment).
  • Create activities to repack/kit of customer products.
  • Add non-client components and labor with cost to client.
  • Track time and number of resources used on each line.
  • Feeds production orders for time consumed against production orders.
  • Feeds job journals for indirect labor tracking.
  • Granular, real-time inventory visibility to inventory across the extended network.
  • Enhances the organization of stock in the 3PL’s different facilities and storage areas.
  • KPIs to monitor seasonal inventory.
  • Log incoming and outgoing goods movements as they occur, limiting stock losses.

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Warehouse Management

Seamlessly integrate functions such as receiving, put-away, movement, picking, and packing. We facilitate lot number management with full traceability and adhere to a First Expired First Out (FEFO) strategy for picking lot managed materials. Influenced by precision, we streamline pallet level receiving, shipping, and identification procedures. Special handling requirements such as cold storage and movement equipment are catered for, allowing for the transfer of products between warehouses efficiently.

Kitting / Repacking

We employ a comprehensive kitting and repacking system that breaks down bulk products and repackages them into more manageable units. This optimized process involves the assembly of multiple items into a single, cohesive kit, thus allowing you to add value with the inclusion of materials and labor costs.


Customizable labeling further enhances our comprehensive logistics solutions ensuring unique product identification. This accompanies the ability to calculate the most effective procedure to pack a parcel shipment. We have designed our system to facilitate a dual function of packing while picking, allowing you to efficiently manage batches of similar orders. Lastly, we are integrated with over 100+ parcel shipping providers, which ensures accuracy in both rating and the production of labels.

Event / Marketing Distribution

Collaborating closely with your clients to establish projects that ensure product delivery to a specified address list. This is underpinned by continuous monitoring of progress and delivery, maintaining an open line of communication throughout the process. Additionally, to ensure financial transparency, bill the client corresponding to the different stages of the project, supporting a detailed understanding of cost throughout project lifecycle.

Uncover Operational Improvements and Challenge the Status Quo

Running a warehouse is a difficult task that is not for the faint of heart. Complaints, delays, inaccuracies, high operational costs, and shipping delays result from ineffective warehouse management. Our Supply Chain Experts have performed numerous of distribution process assessments to review operational business processes, specifically related to distribution, inventory management, warehousing, and manufacturing/kitting.

Our Assessment Approach is Data Driven and Consists of Five Steps

Review Existing Operations

Uncover improvement opportunities through an on-site review of your facility, operating processes, staffing and use of enabling technologies.

Collect and Analyze Data

We’ll document your current-state processes with system flow activities by functional area.

Develop and Evaluate Alternative Solutions

Comparing existing processes to “Best Practices,” we’ll create a list of operational improvement opportunities categorized by type for your review.

User Groups & Implementation Planning

We’ll document the desired future state processes and define all key systems related to inventory management, manufacturing and distribution processes.

Implement, Sustain, Improve

Implement, support and continue to improve upon the solution that best fits for your company and your desired business outcomes

Optimize Processes. Maximize Resources. Improve Operations.

Sikich and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partnered to deliver Success for 3PLs.

Sikich HEADSTART combines Business Central‘s tens of thousands of successful implementations, and Sikich’s 30+ years of helping distributors optimize processes, maximize resources, and improve operations, to deliver a complete business solution with unparalleled support.

Foundational to our exceptional client service is the desire to share everything we know. We gauge our success by the strength and knowledge of our clients. We provide value by web-based learning opportunities, condensed technical summaries on industry evolving topics, individualized training, and frequent complimentary client consultation.

Superior Support Experience for 3PLs

Key support components for 3PLs include:

Ready to Upgrade your Warehouse Technology?

For over 40 years, we have been helping third-party logistics companies create a responsive, cost-effective supply chain that results in the best customer service. You’ll have immediate access to industry experts who draw upon their decades of experience to help build on your success. We’ll help you implement, customize, integrate and support the right ERP solution for your company, enabling you to optimize your inventory and truly perform end-to-end supply chain management.

3PL Software for Supply Chain Management 

Today, technology can be transformative for distributors and help them achieve the best possible outcomes in managing their business. Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management (F&SCM, formerly Finance and Operations) platform provides the integrated tools and support essential to helping secure overall business viability into the future. And regardless of where you are in your journey to the cloud, our experts can help build a migration strategy that aligns with your specific business challenges. Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management is built with scalability and flexibility in mind. Your 3PL business will reap the rewards of having a system that is as agile as your organization, with the backing of security features to keep your ideas safe.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management functionality includes elements to manage all aspects of operations, from quaratine and quality processes to wave and cluster picking. It can be configured to optimize operators' time and flow through the aisles.

Inventory management

We help 3PL companies manage and track inventory across multiple warehouses, allowing for real-time inventory visibility and optimized replenishment.

Order Management management

Our solution can streamline the order management process by automating order processing, managing order statuses, and providing real-time order tracking.

Shipping Management

Users can easily manage all their parcel carriers thanks to our integration with EasyPost. This solution provides access to over 100 carriers, making it an all-in-one shipping solution for 3PL companies of all sizes.

Transportation management

The solution integrates with industry leading systems that optimize transportation planning and execution, manage carrier contracts and rates, and provide real-time tracking and delivery confirmation.

Billing and invoicing

Our solution automates billing and invoicing processes, thereby improving accuracy and timeliness while reducing the administrative burden.

Reporting and analytics

We provide detailed reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling 3PL companies to track key performance metrics and make data-driven decisions.

Customer relationship management

We can include CRM capability to help 3PL companies manage customer data, track customer interactions, and provide personalized service and support.

Integration with other systems

Our solution can integrate with other key systems, such as regulatory systems, pick-to-light systems, and e-commerce platforms, to provide end-to-end visibility and control.


We can help 3PL providers and their clients use EDI to exchange all necessary information about orders, shipments, inventory, advanced shipment notices, invoicing electronically. This not only saves time and reduces errors, but also allows for real-time tracking and visibility of the entire supply chain.

Compliance and Security

We help 3PL companies maintain compliance with industry and regulatory standards, as well as provide robust security features to protect sensitive data.

Workflow Automation

We automate routine tasks and workflows, freeing up time and resources for higher-value activities.

Scalability and Flexibility

Our software solution scales to support the growth of 3PL companies and can be configured to meetunique business needs and workflows.


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If you are still using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it’s time for you to check out Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This cloud-first solution will help you scale your operations with ease and give you access to countless improvements out-of-the-box. 

It can be daunting to consider a new system as important as your ERP, but with the natural upgrade path from Dynamics NAV to Business Central you can feel reassured that our teams have handled countless migrations with a little disruption as possible. Make the time to learn what Dynamics 365 Business Central can do, or reach out to us and we’ll guide you through the software system and the areas your 3pl company will directly benefit from. 

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