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Chemical Manufacturing
Enabling agility, innovation and a sharp competitive edge for chemical manufacturers

Turn the page to a new chapter in chemical manufacturing

Chemical manufacturers compete in a volatile, competitive market where regulatory and standards compliance is critical. They also aim to deliver innovative products and services, streamline operations, improve profit margins, and stay ahead of the competition. A shortage of skilled workers, complex and globalized supply chains, and aging asset infrastructures further compel chemical companies to become more agile.

When Sikich delivers technology systems for chemical manufacturers, we hope to accomplish more than help you address these challenges. We also help you reach your goals for growth and position your business to be viable and competitive for many years to come.

Transcending the current state of the business to realize your strategy

Sikich tailors its approach and solution delivery to address the requirements of the many diverse types of chemical manufacturers:

  • Basic chemicals

  • Specialty chemicals

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Agricultural products

  • Consumer products

The Sikich teams serving chemical manufacturers deeply understand process manufacturing as well as the challenges and opportunities you face. Like you, we’re not content to leave the status quo alone. If you want to improve your efficiency and productivity, gain greater agility, or ready for strategic business transformation – we get you there.

As a gold-certified, award-winning Microsoft partner with many years’ standing, Sikich assists you in implementing and fine-tuning the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions for managing and growing your business and its customer relationships, drawing on and integrating specialized partner solutions as your need demands. Our clients include companies in many chemical manufacturing market segments, including plastics, oil field chemicals, adhesives, and fine chemicals.

Engage with Sikich to enable agile, competitive, customer-focused chemical manufacturing and transform your company into the kind of organization that others aspire to be

Drive operational excellence and grow revenue

  • Create and monitor KPIs
  • Manage and forecast financials
  • Understand global supply-chain events
  • Adjust production levels
  • Respond to changes in demand
  • Manage assets proactively
  • Deliver a common reporting view across departments and geographies
  • Connect sales, production, R&D, and financial workflows
  • Share realtime information businesswide
  • Enable sound decisions based on reliable, timely reports
  • Speed decision-making and problem solving
  • Translate organizational and industry change into a business asset
  • Respond proactively to alerts

Optimize key business areas

  • Portfolio management
  • Business modeling
  • Alignment of people, processes, and assets
  • Responding to market changes
  • Targeted, strategic product development
  • Optimizing the cost and supply of feedstock
  • Quality assurance
  • Planning to meet demand
  • Rapidly adjusting product mixes
  • Minimizing product shelf life
  • Planning distribution to match production
  • Improving fill rates
  • Controlling the costs of winning and serving customers
  • Targeting the most profitable market segments

Solutions, apps, and expertise to meet all your business needs

Business Analytics

On the Azure cloud, you have access to a large arsenal of business analytics and intelligence solutions that can help you understand business and market events, and track the progress of all activities in your company. Sikich helps you make the best of these tools.

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CRM capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365

In the Dynamics 365 environment, old boundaries between ERP and CRM are no longer helpful. With help from Sikich, you can deploy cloud-based software tools to power your sales, marketing, and customer relationship management as you grow the business.

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Microsoft Azure

Azure is one of the world’s most mature and secure cloud platforms, with a wealth of Microsoft and partner solutions and technology services. Among the many possible options, we help you choose and use those with the most potential for advancing your interests.We make it easy to integrate your cloud and on-premise resources in an efficient infrastructure.

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