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Enabling biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and life sciences companies to thrive and better lives

Powering sustained biotech innovation

Biotechnology, life science, and pharmaceutical professionals favor technology in creating a better future. Biotech and digital innovation have much in common: Companies aim to extend what’s possible, find new ways of working, and develop powerful solutions to the problems we face.

At the intersection of innovation and experience, Sikich is poised to deploy technology solutions that help you maintain your momentum and run a productive operation. We get that speed-to-market, compliance, and accountability are top concerns in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. At any stage of your business, we deliver reliable, proven technology that quickly delivers value, meets or exceeds your needs for advanced capabilities, and poses minimal risk.

Helping biotech companies reach their goals

Sikich is strongly committed to serving the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. We know how to help you successfully deploy and generate lasting value from solutions that can sharpen your competitive edge and ensure operational excellence.

As a gold-certified, award-winning Microsoft partner with many years’ standing, Sikich assists you in implementing and fine-tuning the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions for managing and growing your business and its customer relationships, as well as specialized software tools to help you address distinct challenges.

Key areas where Sikich makes a difference

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Tracking and control of R&D spending

  • Budgeting, forecasting, and BVA visibility

  • Businesswide risk mitigation

  • Workflow efficiencies and automation

  • Supply-chain transparency

Become an industry model for the effective use of technology to run a productive company, ensure compliance, and perform innovation for the common good

Solutions, apps, and expertise to meet all your business needs

Sikich provides the solutions and resources to enable the sustained success of your business. They include advanced enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and business insight solutions. To enable the outcomes you seek, we implement and integrate software tools, and help you optimize roles and processes.

World-class, expert services to realize results from technology

Thrive in the biotech industry

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