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Understand the entirety of your company’s security needs

Your organization comprises multiple business areas. Each of those has access to certain systems and resources that are vital to your company’s viability and competitive edge. With that comes risk. Malicious actors inside or outside of the organization may try to disrupt or destroy critical systems, causing revenue loss or compromising sensitive information.

Sikich reviews and benchmarks your operations to identify acute and potential vulnerabilities that put valuable data in harm’s way.

Effective security depends on technology and processes

Information technology is business-critical. A breach of its security could cause significant damage to you and your customers. An effective information security program depends on both technology and processes. Regular reviews of critical IT processes help you reduce potential risks. These reviews also provide you the opportunity to evolve and update your policies and procedures to better address emerging threats.

IT audits are your most general and comprehensive security assessments. They review and benchmark multiple areas of your organization to identify operational practices and systems configurations that present a risk to your data. That includes your servers, workstations, routers, and firewalls, where we look for ways to reduce vulnerabilities and protect your sensitive information. Equally important are the policies, procedures, and operational practices you use to configure, manage, and operate systems.

While many organizations must regularly have their systems audited for compliance or regulatory purposes (such as a GLBA, HIPAA, or PCI DSS audits), all companies should perform an annual IT audit as part of an overall information security program.

How we can help

Sikich prioritizes test results based on the ease of exploitation, the potential impact, and the overall risk to your business. We fully describe each finding and recommend actions to address each vulnerability.

Your IT audit is custom-tailored to your organization and based on your risk assessment. We perform hands-on security testing, review your written documentation, and interview key staff to examine your organization’s practices from all angles.

While performing security audits, we review internet architecture to backup processes to policies and more.