Cybersecurity Offense Services

Cybersecurity Offense Services

Cybersecurity offense Services

Your first line of defense is a powerful offense

Sikich LLP, your trusted partner in proactive cybersecurity solutions. We’re dedicated to helping you identify, address, and mitigate potential threats and vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure. With our offensive services, we ensure your systems are not only secure but also compliant with industry standards.

Elevate your cybersecurity with our Cybersecurity Offense Services, offering advanced Adversary Simulation for real-time threat assessment and continuous security improvement. Our comprehensive Security Testing suite includes in-depth network and application testing, covering everything from penetration testing to social engineering and wireless network reviews. Our Security Consulting services provide thorough security and risk assessments, alongside strategic policy development and vendor management. Transform and empower your digital defense strategy with our expertly designed services, ensuring robust protection for your organization in the ever-evolving cyber landscape.

Security Testing

Security Consulting

Our cybersecurity offerings cover a wide range of regulatory frameworks and standards, including:


Payment card industry data security standard


Cybersecurity maturity model certification


Califiornia consumer privacy act


Federal financial institutions examination council


General data protection regulation


Gramm-Leach-Bliley act


Health insurance portability and accountability act


Health information technology for economic and clinical health act


Health information trust alliance


Information Technology controls


National institute of standards and technology


Statement on standards of attestation engagements No. 18

Go on Offense

It’s not enough anymore to play defense when it comes to cybersecurity. Proactive methods and approaches to keep your data and information safe, secure, and protected means you need to build an offensive strategy that will bolster the rest of your security measures. The first step in cybersecurity offense is to talk with someone about what your company should be doing.