Sikich Takes Distributors to Cloud ERP in 100 Days

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Sikich Taking Distributors to Cloud ERP in 100 Days with On-Demand Implementations

NAPERVILLE, Ill. ― November 10, 2016 ― Sikich LLP, a leading technology, advisory and accounting firm, announces that it is taking its deep understanding of wholesale/distribution and rolling out a new methodology designed to address the unique business requirements of mid-market companies deploying on-demand, rapid implementation cloud solution for ERP – taking distribution clients from zero to the cloud in 100 days or less.

Leveraging their ERP implementation experience and deep knowledge of wholesale/distribution, they are able to utilize a rapid ERP implementation methodology that delivers:
• Continuous Customer Lifecycle Engagement to ensure seamless continuity from sales to services to support.
• Full visibility across the organization to operate at the speed of modern business, drive results and scale.
• More than 3,000 hours worth of industry-leading best practices already built in to the system.
• Nearly two decades of expertise across thousands of wholesale distribution deployments to drive value on Day 1.
• 100+ pre-built reports and preconfigured roles with dashboards and business intelligence metrics.

“We saw the opportunity for our distribution clients to have a system operational in 100 days as transforming their business,” said Mike Kean, Partner, Sikich. “Typically these solutions take 6 to 9 months to have impact on any distributors and tend to disrupt the normal course of business. With the rapid deployment methodology and best practices already built into the solution the time to receive tangible value is amazing. We have quickly ramped up our team and are looking forward to providing value to our distribution clients.”

Partnering with the leading cloud ERP publisher, Sikich is able to deliver a unified and phased pathway for their distribution customers to help them succeed and scale their businesses. This solution was developed specifically to solve the challenges faced by wholesale distributors such as metrics based on unreliable data, ineffective inventory utilization, difficulty expanding into multiple channels, inefficient order processes and inaccuracies, order orchestration and inventory visibility issues, and manual processes that cannot scale. This proven solution can rapidly accelerate their business with a modern architecture—to go from zero to cloud in 100 days or less.

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