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Sell-Side Advisory

Maximize transaction value with a disciplined, thoughtful sale process focused on your objectives and goals.

Get Insights to Optimize Value and Minimize Risk

You would like to lock in your gains and reduce or eliminate exposure in the event of a sudden industry or company downturn. Perhaps you want to take advantage of market trends to optimize shareholder return. As a result, you are seeking to generate a substantial liquidity event by selling all or a portion of your company to a financial or strategic acquirer. Whether it is the first and only time a business owner will embark on a sale process, or part of a series of exits by a serial investor, our advisors will run a seamless process with your ongoing input to achieve your goals.

The decision to sell a company involves a series of complex considerations, and no two situations are alike. Effectively market and cultivate interest for your business with Sikich’s support. We distinguish ourselves in our ability to:

  • Implement a disciplined, thoughtful process to maximize transaction value
  • Offer thorough, compelling materials that tell your business’s story to each potential acquirer
  • Manage sensitive matters and maintain critical relationships with vendors, customers and employees
  • Prepare meticulously for due diligence

As part of our Sell-Side Service offering, our team will:

Create a realistic valuation range based on your financials, assets, transactions and competitor analysis.

Identify a universe of potential buyers and evaluate their compatibility with your company

Negotiate to reach a desirable outcome on purchase price, as well as key issues such as employment contracts and non-competes

Honor the sensitive nature of a transaction throughout by ensuring discretion and professionalism.

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Maximizing Value Through a “Short Fuse” Sale Process

Your Challenge

You receive an unsolicited offer to sell your company. Without a competitive sale process, it is impossible to know if the offer represents the fair market value of your company. However, it is unlikely that the prospective acquirer will wait long enough for you to launch a full-scale, traditional sale process. Do you accept the offer without a competitive process with no assurance that you received fair value? Or do you decline the offer and launch a formal sale process and risk losing a highly motivated acquirer?

Our Solution

Conduct a “short fuse” sale process to rapidly validate the fair market value of your company, without alienating the prospective buyer. The speed and efficiency of our process permits you to preserve the initial buyer’s interest. If their offer proves to be competitive, you have the assurance that you have not left money on the table. Otherwise, our “short fuse” process provides an objective means – competing offers – to reach a higher valuation. We rapidly deliver the assurance that any offer you accept reflects a competitive valuation. Our clear goal is to help you maximize the value of your transaction while minimizing transactional risk. This is how Sikich helps you maximize the value of your business.

Proven Results From The Industry Professionals at Sikich

Sikich professionals have a proven track record of effectively marketing and cultivating interest for our clients’ businesses. We also have experience working through difficult circumstances such as distressed situations or limited buyer pools. All of our senior team members have run companies, so we recognize that no two situations are alike. We evaluate your distinct character and strategic motivation in order to gain a clear understanding of your goals and objectives. As a result, we are able to equip you with a higher degree of confidence in the decision-making process.

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