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Buy-Side Advisory

Discover how to maximize asset value with a swift, focused and cost-effective add-on acquisition program.

Grow Your Business with Superior Strategic Insights

Acquiring companies in a highly competitive M&A environment can be time consuming and costly without the right team of advisors. Our team of M&A advisors and business strategists acts as an outsourced corporate development arm either with your management team or existing corporate development team to identify, evaluate and execute proprietary deals that will expand your business. As part of our buy-side service offering, our team will:

  • Acquire a thorough understanding of your existing strategy and provide insight on markets or opportunities that may be attractive targets for your company;
  • Provide a list of potential targets for your review, and conduct exhaustive outreach to the candidates most interesting to your management team;
  • Negotiate on your behalf to achieve favorable deal terms;
  • Continue to seek out potential acquisition targets on an ongoing basis at your request.

Buy-Side Service Offering

Devoting sufficient resources to running a business while conducting an exhaustive and effective search for appropriate opportunities is challenging. Focus on your core business, while we handle the rest – and we’ll bring you in only when the time is right.  At Sikich, we provide our clients with:

  • Personalized, targeted outreach campaigns
  • Improved access to non-public data
  • Identity discretion to reduce competitive risk
  • Optimized valuation by identifying exclusive opportunities rather than auctions

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An Optimized Approach to Help You Maximize The Value of Your Asset

Your Challenge

You lack the resources to conduct an exhaustive and effective search for add-on acquisitions. Consequently, your team pursues add-ons on a merely opportunistic basis.

The limited flow of add-on opportunities reduces the likelihood that you identify meaningful, value- added acquisition candidates. If you do execute a transaction, the target is likely acquired through an auction process – and is fully priced.

Moreover, these acquisitions typically occur later in your hold cycle, reducing your ability to write out operating inefficiencies before exit.

Our Solution

Sikich’s proven acquisition team delivers proprietary add-on deal flow. We rapidly build strategic consensus between our team and yours. We swiftly but exhaustively identify the universe of potential acquisition targets.

We execute a high-touch, targeted outreach campaign that we believe is among the most effective in the industry.

Results Delivered. Acquisitions Made.

Within 90 days, you will have diligence materials on your first prospective target.

Absent from competitive auction pressure, you are able to secure a more favorable valuation and other terms and conditions. You acquire companies that were not for sale.

Your management team remains focused on your business. Rather than being distracted by the daily crush of managing an acquisition, your team jumps in only when discussions have matured. You execute acquisitions early in your hold period, leaving time to solve integration challenges and realize operational efficiencies.

This is how Sikich helps you maximize the value of your asset.

Proven Acquisition Performance From The Industry Experts at Sikich

Since 2001, we have specialized in buy-side acquisitions for corporations, private equity firms and entrepreneurs. Unlike advisors who have acted only as outside professionals, all of our senior team members have run companies. We have lived and prospered with the results of our own acquisition and divestiture decisions. Accordingly, we are uniquely qualified to act as your Outsourced Corporate Development team. Whether your strategy is to penetrate a new geography, broaden your distribution footprint, enhance your product or service line, or build scale, we can help you make the right acquisition – maximizing your value while minimizing risk.

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