Why You Should Consider External IT Support

When considering external IT support, one question frequently asked is, “Why should we invest time and money into a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?” Many organizations have a common misconception that it would be better or more effective just to reach out to a MSP like Sikich when technology issues arise. This trending perception is far from the reality when it comes to protecting your IT infrastructure. Managed Services is a secret weapon that not many companies take advantage of. When used correctly it can benefit, optimize, and strengthen your business. Partnering with the right Managed Services Provider can greatly improve various processes of your business. MSPs can tackle all the time-consuming and repetitive tasks surrounding IT, providing your organization with more time to focus on your core business. Outsourcing technology services may seem foreign, but this could be a great solution for organizations that have a small staff team or want to drive business growth.


MSPs can implement and monitor your IT infrastructure 24/7 and even have support on standby. This means more reliable IT infrastructure and data protection. Imagine the impact of stability when you do not have to worry if your systems are secure or feel overwhelmed with constant technical issues.  Most of the time the threat of a breach, meeting compliance, or maintaining solutions, without an MSP, can be very tedious. Depending on the scope of the issue, IT problems can take hours, if not days to resolve. In some cases, too much time is spent trying to find the root of the problem only to come up empty-handed. Compacting the challenges, security breaches are a growing concern with no warning signs until the damage has been done.  Experienced and dependable MSPs should smoothly integrate themselves into your business and prevent any, if not all, your IT issues. When you partner with a reliable MSP, any situations that arise should be received with a prompt response that provides an informative and effective solution. The right MSP will take preventative actions to help your company avoid unnecessary lost time that could otherwise negatively impact your business. When you utilize managed services to strengthen your business, you gain peace of mind knowing that a team of experienced experts are working around the clock to keep your company up-to-date, secured and protected. This is truly one of the unique benefits of on-going IT support.


It can be exhausting fixing an IT issue just to have another IT problem pop-up two weeks later. If you are stressed with all the unforeseen technology expenses that derail that growth of your business, then having a conservation about hiring an MSP could be financially beneficial for the future of your company. Modern cybersecurity programs are costly to build and maintain. The resources and tools often require dedicated software to run and frequently come with an expensive annual licensing price tag. Surprisingly the value for a reliable MSP is more affordable than one might think, especially when including the true cost of downtime. On average a Managed Services agreement is based on a constant monthly fee with lower licensing costs. This is an added benefit that will help your company keep costs in check and make budgeting more streamlined. With the right MSP, there will be no questions around the services you are receiving or when it will hit your budget. You can strategically plan for the future when you know how much you will pay each and every month. Partnering with an MSP not only minimizes your risks for technology disasters but prevents mismanaging critical IT budget. Therefore, cost-effective access to top-standard external IT support is a reality.


A reliable and trusted Managed Service Provider will effectively and collaboratively work with your internal IT department, regardless of size. The benefit of MSP support should include full coverage and IT support at fraction of the cost of hiring and training an entire IT team. At the end of the day, the benefits of an MSP will help your business better utilize your technology to help achieve your business goals.

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