What Is Salesforce Einstein?

Introduced in the second half of 2016, Einstein is the Salesforce Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution. With a limited amount of data scientists to go around, Einstein acts as your own personal data scientist. Salesforce Einstein is an opportunity for every customer to tap into advanced AI, in the context of their business. The Salesforce Einstein Platform extends AI capabilities into Sales, Marketing, Commerce, and more. Einstein doesn’t replace workers, but instead empowers them by automatically providing insights, predictions, and recommendations to better deliver to their customers. With the addition of myEinstein, all skill levels from admins to developers can build AI-powered apps with clicks or code.

Einstein Predictions

Einstein relies on the rich customer data inside of Salesforce. Historical data is used to train predictive models, to figure out what has worked in the past and apply those in business workflows. With insight into your customer base, Einstein can combine predictions and business logic across multiple departs to deliver personalized and smarter business processes.


Sales reps must be reliable and accurate. To close more leads and opportunities, they need to be focused on the right item at the right time. Salesforce Einstein turns guesswork into science. By using historical data, Einstein does the behind the scene analytics to provide sales leaders with an accurate and individualized sales forecast, so they can know what to expect and why. Einstein uses Salesforce CRM data to create multiple predictive models that are tested against each other to produce the most accurate one. In an iterative process, models are continuously improved based on new data. Salesforce Einstein gives visibility, so sales reps can identify what assets will help them close the most valuable deals.


Great customer service can lead to lifelong customers. Salesforce Einstein can effectively deliver a memorable experience for every customer. Using customer service data inside Salesforce, Einstein unlocks deep customer insight in real time. Allowing customer service reps to predict the likelihood of a customer experiencing an incident, so they can step in to provide the right solution. Einstein also gives service teams visibility into the likelihood of a customer leaving so the right steps can be taken to keep the customer coming back and happy. Salesforce Einstein gives customer service teams the insights, so they can provide proactive solutions and be at the forefront of customer satisfaction.


Marketing organizations face the challenge of reaching the right customer and designing a unique journey for them that makes an impact. Salesforce Einstein gives the power of providing unique, experiences at scale. Einstein predicts what content or products your customer is most likely to engage with and deliver a personalized experience for them. Built into the platform, Einstein tailors to individuals, and provides the most effective marketing touch points that lead to higher conversion. Custom predictions give marketers the power to engage and connect with customers better deliver the proper experience.


Valuable customer data and powerful AI provide custom predictions to help retailers gain insight and deliver personalized journeys for their shoppers. Salesforce Einstein analyses data from your commerce platform to help deliver more engaging experiences and inform shoppers. Einstein creates the optimum paths for shoppers to navigate so they can find the products they want to buy. By taking shopper purchase data, the Einstein platform groups products or services together so customers don’t waste time looking. Custom predictions connect retailers and shoppers to provide the best products or services at the right time, driving conversion, and making sure those star shoppers return.

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