Transaction Advisory Insights: Tips for Dealmaking

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Embrace Your Skeletons

We’ll say it loud for the people in the back: no one in M&A is trying to kill a deal or get you with a “gotcha” moment! As experienced M&A professionals, it is our duty to ask the tough questions and pull any skeletons out of the closet before they become the 12-foot skeletons outside of your house for Halloween. Invite the skeletons to the transaction table, dust off the cobwebs and work with your transaction advisors to mitigate any negative impacts.

Together, we can create a plan to address the skeletons (and we don’t mean giving them funny nicknames).

Assemble Your Deal Team Before It’s Too Late

When selling is on the table, most business owners file those conversations away as Classified. However, we are here to say: assemble your deal team as soon as a decision has been made.

According to Sikich’s Manufacturing Industry Pulse, only 4% of manufacturing and distribution executives know what providers are needed to make up their deal team. No matter your industry, start with your key internal squad members, including your CFO/Controller, COO and Head of Sales. The other half of your dream team – the investment bank, QofE providers and potential buyers – will require a load of information to begin the process, so it’s valuable to have them lined up ASAP.

Remove the Classified stamp from your selling plans and make sure your team is prepared for what’s ahead. And when you’re ready for the QofE process, you know who to call.

A Seller’s Dream: Options

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a hundred times: sell when you don’t have to. Equally as important: know your options. Whether that be a full sale of the business to a strategic buyer or private equity group or a partial sale to family members or management, do your research to determine what path is best for you. In fact, early conversations can save big dollars as a seller.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a crystal ball that will tell you what your best option will be. Fortunately, the next best thing is to work with a trusted advisor to explore your possibilities. Our transaction advisors are here to help you explore your options.

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