Top 3 Marketing Essentials for Manufacturing Companies

Why Marketing is Important in Manufacturing

Manufacturing is creative, evolving, and more nimble than ever. Manufacturers create and build what we see, touch, and use daily; making our lives easier by producing just about anything and everything we dream up. If you work for a manufacturer, you know your industry is exciting, but you also know how difficult it can be to stand out when other companies boast the same tools, the same machines, and similar capabilities. How can you differentiate yourself to help others choose you?

1. Assembling Your Marketing Machine

A good machine is efficient and produces a valuable product. In much the same vein, manufacturers need their own marketing machine – a capable team to support a marketing strategy. Your team may be internal, external (agency), or a win-win combination of both. The team needs to support overall business goals by crafting and implementing a smart marketing plan. Without a dedicated team, manufacturers will lack the necessary power to produce greater results.


2. Sharpening Your Marketing Tools

All manufacturers work with tools, some even build tools, so you understand that the right tool can make a big difference. Your marketing toolbox must be filled with the right tools to help you implement your strategy and achieve your goals. For example, if you are relatively new to the industry, then you’ll need tools to help promote your brand to the intended audience. If you’re a mature company, then you may need tools that help you communicate more directly utilizing in-house data to help you personalize your message. Your marketing team must help you decide what tools are needed to connect, engage, and convert your target markets.


3. Measuring Results for Continued Growth

A Manufacturing study shows that for every $1 spent in manufacturing, another $1.89 is added to the economy ( Does your marketing produce a similar result, or can you even tell? In business, we must treat marketing not as a cost, like the electric bill, but as an investment in growth that creates more customers. Marketing in its strategic form must measure how people come to know you, understand you, and buy from you.

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