Three Ways Using StorageCloud Premium Can Ease Disaster Recovery Failover and Failback

Hardware and storage failures will happen at some point. It is an inevitable part of any cloud-based server deployment. A disaster that knocks crucial hardware and services offline for days is avoidable, though. By using StorageCraft Premium Cloud services, it is possible to ease the process of disaster recovery failover and failback with on-premises services.

StorageCloud Premium Use #1

System admins can proactively setup their cloud networking configurations on the StorageCraft Premium Cloud. This includes the ability to request public IP addresses and set up firewall translation rules. Admins can set up cloud DHCP reservations for servers and define either site-to-site or client VPN tunnels. These are all configurable from the StorageCraft web portal, and done ahead of time. This way, when a piece of hardware someday fails, StorageCraft Premium Cloud can provide all this information with ease, making the hardware replacement as easy as possible.

StorageCloud Premium Use #2

Once the disaster recovery is complete, the next step is to get data back onto the on-premises servers. StorageCraft Cloud Premium allows for running cloud-hosted servers, while streaming the data to on-premises StorageCraft Servers to get back online. This final restore is often faster than other solutions, which send the most recent backup of cloud servers, which can take several days. With StorageCraft Cloud Premium, this can reduce the effective downtime of services to minutes.

StorageCloud Premium Use #3

StorageCloud Premium also allows for network engineers to run a fire drill of sorts on disaster recovery plan. It’s possible to run a failover procedure test from the web portal, often without any need to involve StorageCraft’s support to perform this testing. This way, staff invested in the uptime of their network know what will happen when disaster occurs.

Any disaster recovery process is always going to cost time and effort to fix, and there is no way to prevent some hardware from failing someday. But having a strong disaster recovery solution such as StorageCraft Cloud Premium can make life easier when disaster strikes. Does your existing disaster recovery solution provide the same features as StorageCraft Cloud Premium? Contact Sikich to learn more.

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