The Top 5 Ways Financial Services Cloud Integrates with Insurance Industry Financial Systems to Improve Efficiency and Save You Money

Financial Services Cloud is a tool designed by Salesforce to help financial industry firms automate processes, speed up workflow, and improve communication and customer experience. One way it does so is by integrating with financial systems.

While insurance companies share similar attributes with other areas of the financial services industry, they have their own unique regulations, processes, and objectives. Here are the top five ways Financial Services Cloud can easily integrate with financial systems for insurance companies.

Claims management systems

Financial Services Cloud can integrate with claims management systems, such as BriteWire, Applied Epic, and Filehandler Enterprise. This enables insurance companies to streamline every step of the claim process, from filing to processing to payment. This increases transparency, speeds up workflows, and reduces wait times as companies process claims, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and trust.

Policy administration systems

By integrating with policy administration systems, such as AgencySmart and BindHQ, Financial Services Cloud can help companies automate data entry and more efficiently manage policies, premiums, and other administrative data.

Underwriting systems

Integrating Financial Services Cloud with underwriting systems such as OneShield and Duck Creek Rating enables agents to automate the underwriting process, reducing costs and improving the accuracy of underwriting decisions.

Commissions systems

Automating commission payments by integrating Financial Services Cloud into your commission systems allows firms to quickly calculate and pay commissions to brokers and agents while reducing the likelihood of errors. This supports a better work environment for agents and brokers so that they can focus on servicing their clients and converting leads.

External data sources

Financial Services Cloud allows your firm to quickly import and validate data from a range of external sources, including spreadsheets and databases. Automating data entry helps improve speed and accuracy, improving workflow and customer experience.

How to get started with Financial Services Cloud

Contact us to speak with our team of Financial Services Cloud experts to discover all the ways that FSC can integrate with your insurance firm’s financial systems to improve your workflows, reduce costs, and increase satisfaction among agents and customers alike.

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