The Sikich GP Business Process Alignment Project

A common project that we propose to GP clients and prospects at Sikich is called the Business Process Alignment (BPA). The BPA process is included on other teams as well at Sikich, but this summary includes information particular to the Dynamics GP team. This project is a great exercise for all types of companies to take advantage of. On the GP team, we use the BPA to refresh a client’s system and internal processes in how it relates to their Dynamics GP system. Our goal is to document the findings and suggest ways of improvement.

Why do a Business Process Alignment project?

We do BPAs for existing clients when they are looking for a refresh on the GP system as it has been a while since the original system was implemented, and they are looking to make a variety of changes in their ERP processes. We also do BPAs for prospects who are looking to switch to Sikich as their new GP VAR; typically, these prospects come to us because they are not happy with their current setup and are looking to us for recommendations for improvement. The BPA is an excellent option as a first project in working with their new GP partner. Here are the details of what is involved in the Sikich Business Process Alignment:

  1. There is typically just one GP consultant for each BPA. As a first step after the proposal is approved, the consultant will plan a visit to perform a 2-3 day onsite assessment. During the assessment, the consultant will go through the below steps:
    1. Interview the client team regarding the current use of Dynamics GP.
    2. Analyze the setup and configuration of the Dynamics GP system as well as the 3rd party solutions that are integrated with the GP system.
    3. Work to understand the current system issues, pain points, and level of GP knowledge that the users currently have.
    4. Provide recommendations for quick fixes while onsite/
  2. The remainder of the time is spent on the report deliverable. The consultant will review their findings while onsite at the client site, and document them in a report format to present to the client. The document will include documentation of current GP setup and processes and recommendations for improvement. These recommendations will be prioritized for the client as well.
  3. The consultant will review the deliverable (typically 20-30 pages) with the client as a final step, and then proceed to start on the projects (after approved) that are recommended. These projects can range from a few hours of billable work to larger projects that may be a few months long.

It is up to the client to make the most out of this deliverable. They can start on the recommended projects for improvement right away or get started at a later date. This deliverable is typically revisited many times by the client, and they may refer to it over the next coming years as they move forward on additional investments in their GP system.

Have any questions about our Business Process Alignment system? Want one for your own company? Please contact us at any time!

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