The Role of a Sikich Project Manager in a NetSuite Implementation

Implementing an enterprise resource system (ERP) like NetSuite is complex; it requires careful planning and execution. This is where a Sikich Project Manager comes in. A project manager plays a crucial role in guiding organizations through the maze of challenges and complexities involved in a successful NetSuite implementation.

What sets our approach apart from NetSuite or other third-party implementation partners? What role does a Sikich Project Manager play during the typical NetSuite implementation? What are the challenges we face during a NetSuite implementation?

Here are answers that will help you decide on the kind of partnership you want in your NetSuite deployment.


Implementing NetSuite is not just about installing software; it involves various stakeholders, technical challenges, and business process reengineering. This complexity is the sweet spot for a Sikich Project Manager. These professionals serve as the ship’s captain, guiding the project from inception to completion, ensuring that it stays on course and meets all objectives.


Our team has customized processes to guide implementation and the technical expertise to adjust NetSuite to fit your business. Our best practices and experience drive on-time and on-budget deployments of NetSuite ERP implementations. We help you maintain rigor with minimal business disruption while also guiding the change management process to ensure success.

Some of our processes include:

  • Project planning and benchmarking for the scope, timeline, budget, and resources needed for the deployment.
  • Regular stakeholder communication.
  • Scope, budget, and implementation timeline management.
  • Resource allocation, both human and technical.
  • Risk management that identifies challenges proactively and develops prevention strategies.
  • Quality assurance across the implementation.
  • Change management and user adoption strategies.
  • Vendor and partner management.
  • Documentation.
  • Post-implementation evaluation to assess project success.


Your Sikich Project Manager is responsible for your entire ERP implementation. While each deployment aligns to the business, within this dedicated project team, you might encounter:

Business Analyst who works closely with the organization to understand specific business processes, requirements, and objectives, translating these into functional and technical specifications for the deployment.

Technical Consultants are responsible for the ERP system installation, configuration, data migration, and integration.

Functional Consultants specialize in specific modules such as finance, supply chain or human resources.

Solution Architects design the overall structure and architecture of the ERP system to ensure it aligns with the organization’s business objectives.

Data Migration Specialists migrate data from the organization’s existing systems to the new ERP system.

Quality Assurance/Testers create and execute test plans, identify, and report issues and verify that all system components align with business processes.

Organizational stakeholders and end-users work elbow-to-elbow with your project team. When the project is complete, your organization will transfer to a client account manager to handle post-implementation service delivery.


Sikich implementation teams are often a trusted partner in these projects. Our organization is proud to be selected as the Oracle NetSuite North American Solution Provider Partner of the Year for 2022/2023.

But Sikich’s role goes beyond that of a traditional Project Manager. We provide organizations with strategic guidance, technical expertise, and industry-specific knowledge:

Deep NetSuite expertise: Sikich consultants are typically certified NetSuite experts, meaning they have in-depth knowledge of the platform’s capabilities and limitations. This expertise allows our teams to guide organizations in making informed decisions about customizations and configurations.

Best practices: Sikich leverages best practices developed over years of implementing NetSuite for various clients. This knowledge helps streamline the implementation process and avoid common pitfalls.

Industry-specific insights: Sikich specializes in specific industries. This industry focus allows us to tailor NetSuite implementations to meet the unique needs and regulatory requirements of different business sectors.

Post-implementation support: Sikich doesn’t disappear after NetSuite goes live. We offer post-implementation support to ensure that the system continues to meet the evolving needs of the organization.

Integration services: Sikich can help organizations integrate NetSuite with other systems, such as CRM, ecommerce, and legacy software. This integration ensures a seamless flow of data across the organization.

Sikich is your trusted consultant to handle the toughest NetSuite implementations. Whether it’s data migration, customization, integration with other systems or addressing challenges in user adoption, Sikich’s professionals are well-equipped to deliver efficient and high-quality solutions. With Sikich as your partner, you can rest assured that your most challenging NetSuite implementation projects will be in capable hands, leading to long-term success and business transformation. Contact us to find out more.

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