The Power Behind a Business Process Review

Out-of-the-box functionality is what every client hopes to achieve after implementing NetSuite. The reality is that once implemented, many organizations find their business is just as unique as the software assisting in powering it. Here at Sikich, our policy is to always begin our client engagement with a business process review to ensure that your ERP platform provides you with a fully integrated solution that covers all of your operational needs and removes anything that is unnecessary. The business process review helps to ensure that we capture the key performance indicators and all metrics that are important to your organization.

Key Elements of a Business Process Review

One key part of a business process aim is to identify what provides value, what restrains business, and how to strategize to improve processes for maximum efficiency moving forward. It requires an in depth knowledge of the system of the internal workings of your company. Another part of the goal is to help assist in identifying the best case use of the technologies software to automate tasks and processes to overall improve the productivity of the business organization.

The process allows a company to pull together a team to work with external stakeholders to help assist and provide feedback around some key areas.

High level steps:

  1. Determine goals, both long and short term
  2. Identify key users
  3. Uncover pain points that updated processes and best practices can alleviate
  4. Document processes and efficiencies that are utilized today

Benefits of a Review

A business process review, when executed correctly, is a powerful tool to help businesses streamline operations, avoid bottlenecks, and, ultimately, better leverage technological investments.

Software implementations or any significant investment a company intends to make can lead to disappointing results if organizations do not take the proper time to review thoroughly their current business processes and how those effect the downstream of other areas of their business.

Without a holistic understanding of how an organization’s different pieces of their business interact with others that use the software and why, maximizing the leverage of the software will always come up short with significant gaps that could be easily cared for.

Have any questions about our NetSuite implementation process or how a business process review can benefit your technology decisions, please reach out to one of our experts at any time!

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