The New Normal

Sikich has been specializing in implementing NetSuite, specifically for BioTech companies, for quite some time now. Our “Pre-COVID” best practice was to go on-site as much as possible throughout the implementation cycle. This was for a number of reasons:

  1. We were able to build important relationships with all members of our client’s team quickly, to aid with the heavy lifting of an ERP implementation .
  2. Being on-site provided a centralized location for both Sikich and client resources to make collaboration easier for the design, configuration, training, and Go-Live aspects of the implementation.
  3. Being able to illustrate an example on a whiteboard provided a more in-depth understanding for our clients.

Fast forward six months and everything is now being done remotely (via Microsoft Teams). We have leveraged many different tools (like virtual whiteboards) to make our new processes feel more like being in the same room together. By sending out timed agendas before each meeting, it gives our client the ability to prepare internally for who will be attending each meeting.

Sikich was able to adapt to the new business normal because of our already in place hybrid working approach. Our team was in the office on average, twice a week. The other time was spent on-site with clients or working from home.

We’re still learning to navigate the continual challenges living through a pandemic poses (our children virtually schooled at home while we are simultaneously working; our dogs that bark at the Postal Carrier while we’re in meetings), and given the state of the country, it will seem this will continue through a good portion of 2021.

Our ability to continue to pivot, to use innovation and technology to our advantage, and to maintain human connection in a world of isolation, will allow us to provide excellent client service, no matter where we sit.

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