SkyKick Cloud Backup – NEW Restore Options

If you haven’t heard of SkyKick Cloud Backup and you use Office 365, you’re missing out! As organizations continue to move their data to the cloud, traditional backup systems are no longer applicable, and a solution is needed to fill that gap. SkyKick Cloud Backup backs up your Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business data 6 times per day for a low monthly cost per account. It can also back up Microsoft Office 365 Groups and Teams.

By default, all accounts and data are backed up, so you don’t have to worry about reconfiguring your backups when you add accounts. You are protected by default. However, you can select specific accounts and data to be excluded if you wish. And the retention is unlimited with no data caps or overages!

Now that we’ve discussed the basics, let’s move on to the reason I’m writing this blog: new restore options.

Previously, when you wanted to restore data from SkyKick, you would select a “Point-In-Time” to restore from. You now have the option to perform a full mailbox restore. This restores all items that have ever been backed up for that mailbox by SkyKick to the selected mailbox destination. The destination can be the same mailbox or a new mailbox in the same tenant.

The same feature also exists for OneDrive for Business accounts. A full account restore will restore all items that have ever been backed up for that OfB account. If an item has multiple versions, the most recent version is restored.

With SkyKick Cloud Backup, you can be sure your data is secure. Your data has 256-bit encryption at rest and 128-bit in transit, is stored in the Microsoft Azure environment and never leaves there.

Curious exactly what SkyKick Cloud Backup protects and what restore options are available?

SkyKick Cloud Backup Protects:

  • Exchange Online: Email, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, journals, public folders
  • SharePoint: Site Collections, subsites, lists, folders, files, versions
  • OneDrive for Business: Full account, folders, files, versions
  • Groups & Teams: Conversations, calendar, files, notebook, modern Team sites

Skykick Cloud Restore Options:

  • Full restore of sites, subsites, lists, mailboxes, OneDrive for Business accounts, Office 365 Groups, and more.
  • Granular restore of emails, files, versions, list items, conversations, and more.
  • Point-in-time restore of mailboxes and OneDrive for Business accounts

If you have questions on how your organization can benefit from SkyKick Cloud Backup, feel free to reach out to us at any time!

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