Sikich Tech 360 Azure IT and Cybersecurity Services Enhances Security and Performance in the Microsoft Cloud

Security and performance management hurdles are major pain points for IT professionals in their day-to-day operations. Sikich has launched an updated version of our Tech 360 Azure IT and Cybersecurity Services, enhancing our service offerings with greater security oversight and better performance support. That includes a security information and event management tool, an EDR tool, maintenance support, and more.

This service is ideal for companies already running an ERP system in Azure, or who are in the process of moving to Azure. It also has benefits for companies looking for a partner to help them with hosting and managing servers, applications, and databases in a Microsoft Azure environment.

Here’s how Tech 360 Azure IT and Cybersecurity Services can help you

Pain point: Lack of IT support
Azure cost and performance management

Many IT teams know that Microsoft Azure could be a good fit, but they don’t know how to operate the environment for their application and maintain security while doing so. Tech 360 offers managed services if there’s no IT department. Alternatively, it offers co-management options with an internal IT department to design the Azure environment and then keep it up and running in a secure and cost-efficient manner.

Pain point: Lack of support for Windows Server and Azure network infrastructure environment
24/7/365 monitoring, maintenance, and support

An on-call answering service ensures Sikich can begin troubleshooting to get the environment back up and running, either to support a 24×7 business operations or to have the environment ready for business in the morning. This is often a pain point for smaller teams, whereas Sikich has a large team along with the appropriate alerting in place. That way, we get to work on it right away and eliminate downtime.

Pain point: No direct help with access issues
Direct access to Sikich Network Operation Center

Get direct access to the Sikich network operations center, which can be especially useful to businesses dealing with access issues while operating under a deadline. The Sikich network operations center ensures there’s someone they can call anytime for help.

Pain point: Need infrastructure support and server patching
Patch, EDR, and backup monitoring, plus maintenance and support for Azure servers

Outsourcing has its benefits. With Sikich handling the infrastructure, the business is freed up to focus on the application layer. Sikich is especially practiced at handling server patching, not only for Azure clients, but for managed services clients in general.

Pain point: Lack of insight into environment performance
Regular reviews by Azure Solutions Architect

Sikich provides regular reviews by a solutions architect, who can look at the environment and assess data points around how the environment’s performing. The architect might suggest increasing server size for environments that look like they’re growing or maintain the data in an archival format and help size the environment down. Regular reviews by an Azure solutions architect can improve performance and reduce cost.

Pain point: No strategic roadmap for IT strategy
Virtual CIO acting as a dedicated executive-level team member providing IT strategy and roadmap collaboration for Azure and Microsoft 365 Environment

The Tech 360 Managed Services includes a virtual CIO (vCIO) service, including an Azure solutions architect to review the Azure environment regularly and make recommendations to improve performance or reduce cost. But what is the value of a virtual CIO? This executive-level collaborator comes to the table already speaking both the tech language and the business language. They can help formulate a strategic roadmap within Azure or the Microsoft 365 environment. The virtual CIO also leads security initiatives, which takes another layer of the obligation off the IT team’s plate.

Pain point: Lack of maintenance and monitoring tools
Access to remote monitoring and maintenance tools for internal IT team members

Sikich opens up remote monitoring and maintenance tools to internal IT teams so they have access to the Azure servers and can co-manage the environment alongside us. The benefit of this collaborative approach is that Sikich provides expertise on the Azure side, while the company offers expertise on the applications—everything that’s specific to their business.

Pain point: Lack of insight into assets
Regular asset reports

Working with a managed services team like Sikich means companies receive a regular (usually monthly) inventory of their assets in Microsoft Azure. This details server data and how backups are performing.

Pain point: Weak cybersecurity posture
Solution: MSSP, EDR, SOC, and SIEM, Quarterly External Vulnerability Scans

Working with a company that offers dedicated security products integrated into an Azure-managed services offering is rare. Products like MSSP, EDR, SOC, and SIEM are in high demand, but harder to find within a managed services package—along with quarterly vulnerability scans, which validate that the environment is secure.

In particular, SIEM manages log consolidation within the IT environment while scanning the network for unusual activity. Essentially, it’s a way to consolidate and retain logging from a compliance standpoint, but also to do event correlation to be able to detect threats in the network. SIEM picks up on that activity and shuts down the attacker before they can launch their attack.

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