Polycom VVX Phone Sign-in Options

Polycom VVX phones are a popular choice when deploying a Microsoft Phone System and Skype for Business Online. All Skype for Business phones, including the Polycom VVX phones, require a user to authenticate with their Office 365 credentials. Polycom VVX phones have four authentication options.

BToE (Better Together over Ethernet)

This option requires that the Polycom BToE and Skype for Business client software are installed on the user’s desktop computer. Once installed and activated, the user will be prompted to provide their user credentials via the Skype for Business client. This is my preferred option for most users, because I think it is the easiest option for users to handle. This is especially true if your password policy requires frequent password changes. The BToE software also provides control over the phone which provides a better end user experience. BToE isn’t an option for phones that are not associated with a computer.

Web Sign-in

This option prompts the user to open a Microsoft Office 365 web site from their computer ( where they will need to sign in using their Office 365 credentials. Once they sign in on the website, they will need to enter a unique code that shows up on the phone’s display panel. This will complete the sign-in process. This is my preferred option if the phone isn’t used for a common area (such as a lobby or conference room), and can’t use the BToE option because it isn’t associated with a computer.

User Credentials

This option requires the user to type in their username and password on the phone’s display panel using the number keypad or on screen keyboard. Lower-end phones in the Polycom VVX product line don’t have an on-screen keyboard, which makes this login method difficult for users. I don’t recommend this option, especially if your password policy requires frequent password changes.

Logging in via the Phone’s Web Page

By default, the built in web page on Polycom VVX phones is disabled. The web page feature has to be first enabled from the phones display panel. Once enabled, you can set the login credentials on the phone. This is my preferred option for common area phones, especially if the associated account is never required to change its password.

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