Secure Wireless with CloudRADIUS for Serverless Environments

We’ve found an offering to implement RADIUS for secure wireless connections for our clients that utilize serverless environments. Many clients in cloud-only environments have had to deploy wireless options using a pre-shared key, because more secure options like RADIUS require a server for more advanced authentication. Using a pre-shared key is a less secure connection method, because it is a phrase that gets passed around the office and, in some cases, isn’t changed often.

Using a RADIUS service through a server has also been a more secure method, because there is a central management database (typically a domain controller) that allows users to authenticate to gain access to resources such as a NAS, wireless network, or VPN.

Secure Wireless for Serverless Environments

CloudRADIUS allows companies that do not have a domain controller to leverage RADIUS for authentication. We’ve configured CloudRADIUS to work with Azure Active Directory using secure certificates. There is a certificate created that creates a trust between CloudRADIUS and Azure Active Directory. We then configured a security group for CloudRADIUS devices that have been registered to users within the company. The devices are then allowed to access the wireless network using information already registered within Microsoft Intune. Once the information is confirmed, a certificate is issued to the device and allows the device to connect to the wireless network.

Not only does using the CloudRADIUS service create a more secure wireless option for serverless environments, but it also provides convenience for the users. Any user that connects to the corporate wireless can travel between offices and connect to the network using the same certificate assigned in the other office. In most cases, the devices should automatically connect to the SSID (that is the same across locations). This has been helpful for managers as they travel between locations.

Moving to a Serverless Environment

Leveraging this platform only gives us more flexibility and depth when providing solutions to our clients. There has been a shift for clients to move as many services to the cloud as possible. There are some instances where legacy software prevents clients from moving to the cloud. Legacy security platforms have also slowed down moves to the cloud. Finding services and offerings like CloudRADIUS will help to remove the barriers for many clients to continue their moves to the cloud. In addition, this configuration gives greater control over cloud environments.

Ready to move to a serverless environment using CloudRADIUS and Azure Active Directory? Please reach out to us at any time!

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