Seamless Move to Cloud ERP with NetSuite | Generator Systems Case Study

Customer Profile

Generator Systems designs, distributes, installs, and services backup power solutions for industrial, commercial, municipal, data center and residential customers in the State of Ohio. The company’s headquarters are located in Medina, Ohio. About two thirds of its approximately 40 employees work in the field, serving customers and helping them meet their requirements for backup power.

Business Situation

When it was time for Generator Systems to move away from an ERP system created in-house to a solution that was more powerful and easier to manage, the company decided to build its business infrastructure in the cloud. Rob Somrak, CFO at Generator Systems LLC and its parent company, Capstone Equity Partners, said, “We want to focus on satisfying our customers’ needs for reliable backup power instead of worrying about purchasing and maintaining servers, applications, and network security.”

How Sikich Stepped In

The company deployed NetSuite OneWorld with assistance from Sikich. Sikich consultants also helped select and implement FieldAware, which integrates with NetSuite to enable Generator Systems’ many field service technicians to be effective in their jobs, often using only their smartphones. The project, which took just under three months, corrected and resolved the errors and shortcomings of an earlier NetSuite and field management software deployment performed by another consulting firm that had not met the company’s requirements.

Sikich Solution

For Generator Systems, three important capabilities of cloud ERP in running and growing the business are the cloud-based analytics of NetSuite, the ability to access ERP capabilities and company data from anywhere in the field through mobile devices, and the solution’s scalability.

Powerful Analytics

In NetSuite, Generator Systems is able to track and support the customer journey from early interactions to generating revenue. “We have world-class analytics, processes, and controls,” Somrak said. “I access close to 50 integrated charts every day to review our pipeline and the effectiveness of our operations. I also view financials through a real-time integration between Excel and NetSuite, so I’m always in touch with the pulse of the business.”

Mobile Access

A task list and reminder system in NetSuite help people in different roles perform the right tasks in the proper sequence, so customers receive their quotes, parts, systems, and services on time. Somrak said, “With NetSuite in the cloud, we move with a lot of speed and accuracy.”


As a growing company, Generator Systems aggressively pursues both organic growth and acquisitions. Somrak explained, “The scalability of NetSuite is essential for our business. We already have managed a couple of acquisitions on the platform. It’s very easy to load new part numbers, customers, vendors, forms, and other information, simplifying the process of integrating acquisitions into our business systems.”

Solid Foundation for Growth

In moving to the cloud, Generator Systems also gained the data and application protection capabilities that are part of NetSuite.

“We haven’t had any worries since 2013,” Somrak noted. “NetSuite natively comes with very strong security. Of course, that is implemented in the cloud and does not take our attention away from the business, just like the seamless, automatic software upgrades.”

Integrations also extend Generator Systems’ cloud ERP foundation. For instance, NetSuite integrates with Microsoft Outlook email software. Most company emails as well as other documents are stored in the NetSuite cloud.

As a recommendation for other organizations, Somrak emphasized the importance of a unified, versatile system. “You want to control your own destiny, and that requires a flexible, customizable platform where you can satisfy today’s requirements while providing a solid base for your evolution through the coming years,” he said. “In addition to that solution, you need a highly capable implementation partner to help you reap its benefits.”

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