Salesforce Summer Update 19 Highlights

Salesforce releases updates to its platform three times a year (Spring, Summer, Winter). This is year is no different, and with the recent release of the Summer ’19 upgrade, Salesforce continues to make head way in improving their solutions. This is a key advantage to cloud computing. Salesforce brings continuous improvements to its platform without burdening the customers with large complicated upgrades. The platform automatically upgrades behind the scenes, which benefits you with improved performance and functionality. In addition, Salesforce allows users to submit feedback and their own ideas online through Salesforce Ideas, allowing the community to vote for and comment on other ideas.

Salesforce is proud of their ability to continuously provide improvements multiple times a year as you can see by their 529 page release notes. I have broken down some of my favorite release highlights below.

Saying Goodbye to

After 7 years, Prospector and Clean will retire. The official retirement is scheduled for July 31, 2020, but licenses cannot be renewed after July 31, 2019. is the sales and lead generator components for The Salesforce Sales Cloud platform. The tool enables the sharing of contact data among members through its user generated database.

Why is Salesforce doing away with Salesforce says they have taken customer considerations and feedback and are moving forward with Lightning Data. Lightning Data, located on the Salesforce AppExchange, is a series of apps that enables customers to create more intelligent processes, built on better more focused data.

Confetti Celebration

Although this new feature is merely for show, toss some virtual confetti on your rep to celebrate a successful milestone along their path. This change applies to both mobile and desktop. The celebration can be configured to fire off at any stage and given any number of frequencies.

The Salesforce confetti celebration is a great way to add some more fun into your rep’s day and give them a little pat on the back for their hard work and success.

Salesforce summer update 19

View Records in Two Ways

Now a user can view a record in two ways. Users can choose between the traditional view in Lightning (Grouped View) or opt for the new Full view. Full view gives a similar feeling to viewing a record in Salesforce Classic, where all details and related lists appear on the same page.

Salesforce summer update 19

This new option might appeal to those who are looking for a softer transition into Lightning.

Eye Catching Data

Salesforce summer update 19

For the first time in Salesforce, you can create eye catching reports with conditional formatting. Instantly draw eyes to the opportunities and accounts that matter most. Add conditional formatting to summary or matrix reports in Lightning experience. Have an impact on the way your data is presented with five formatting rules for reports and up to three bins for each rule you apply.


Salesforce Trailhead is a free learning platform developed by Salesforce to help train its users. It is a gamified learning platform that is engaging and full of useful knowledge. Announced at Dreamforce ’17 and available in the Salesforce summer update 19, myTrailhead is an extension of the Trailhead platform.

MyTrailhead is similar to a learning management system that Salesforce provides to users at a cost. This interactive learning platform is a fully customizable version of Trailhead. Companies are able to provide personalized content, branded content, and their own gamification system to align with their company’s culture. Managers and learning professionals can create custom training programs such as sales process, onboarding material, and career navigation. MyTrailhead creates a well-rounded learning experienced that your company can easily customize to its needs.

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