Salesforce for Microsoft Teams

As Salesforce continues to invest in software collaboration, the company has now brought together Microsoft Teams and Salesforce. Organizations use Microsoft Teams to chat internally and discuss topics such as what’s in their sales pipeline or how their service team is progressing with cases. In addition, they use Salesforce Sales or Service cloud to manage their customer relationships and store customer data. Now the two technologies can work together.

using Microsoft Teams

With the recent Summer 21’ release, there is a new Salesforce integration app available from Microsoft. Integrating Salesforce with Teams provides users the ability to reference Salesforce data in their Microsoft Teams channels and chats. This provides users with context, so they don’t have to switch between multiple systems and keep everyone working on the same page.

Salesforce integrating with Microsoft Teams

With this software integration, Salesforce users can

  • mention Salesforce records in Teams channels and chats;
  • edit Salesforce records directly in teams without having to switch to Salesforce;
  • pin Salesforce record to channels, chats, and calendar meetings; and
  • use Salesforce Meetings from meetings on the Teams Calendar (Salesforce meetings are available to users in Sales Cloud Unlimited).

searching Salesforce records in Teams

Salesforce has numerous software integrations. For me, this seems like one of the more notable instances. Users who are used to having their Teams app open all day and collaborating with coworkers can make quick use of mentioning Salesforce records to team members, as well as editing the records directly in Microsoft Teams without switching to their web browser.

mentioning Salesforce cases in Teams

The Salesforce integration for Teams is available to Microsoft customers licensed with Teams and Salesforce customers with Sales and Service licenses in Enterprise or higher editions. Have any questions about this integration? Reach out to our experts at any time!

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