Rethink Customer Engagement with Salesforce Communities

Salesforce has created a community space for sharing information and collaborating with those essential to your business. This collaborative solution is called Salesforce Community Cloud. Through communities, you can connect with partners, employees, or customers. A community can be a knowledge center, support forum, HR portal, or whatever you would like to name it. Through drag and drop design, you can base your community off of preconfigured Lightning templates. Salesforce also allows you to easily incorporate your own branding inside your community to make it feel like an extension or your business. Share subsets of information from inside your Salesforce org through communities to safely deliver useful information to those that need it most.

Customers want the ability to engage and collaborate with the companies they do business with. Communication with customers, clients, or whatever your business calls them is a significant factor in creating loyalty and trust. Salesforce Customer Communities give you the ability to extend your business to interact with and share information with your customers making both yours and their lives easier. This cloud-based space is geared to fulfilling the needs of your customers by helping them find the right answers, engage with your business, and connect them with the information you have.

Help Customers Find the Right Answers

Salesforce Communities help customers find the right answers quickly. You can provide solutions through a library of knowledge articles and Question & Answers forums. These provide a way for your customers to be self-sufficient and find answers about your products or service quickly and accurately decrease the amount of questions your email support desk receives.

In communities, customers can post forum-style questions and get answers from peers and experts. They can also vote on the best and worst answers and questions, allowing customers to see the most relevant posts. If something goes unanswered, questions can be escalated to your support team, so no question goes unanswered. With clicks and not code, build, and deliver personalized recommendations for products or people to connect with.

With custom dashboards and reports, Salesforce Communities lets us measure what your customers do. Find out what they spend the most time doing and who they are connecting with the most. Easily take customer suggestions and continue to deliver a customer community they want to visit.

Customer Engagement

Salesforce Communities give your customers a place to share insight, collaborate, advocate your products or services, and even make purchases. In Communities, Salesforce will let your customers connect with those just like them, with similar interests. Do not worry about the future of your communities, as you can continuously improve your site and add apps from the app exchange that can fulfill the functionality your customers are looking for. Include apps like videos, live feeds, and more that give a professional, functional look and feel to your website. Making friendly competitions and measure users on leader boards lets you rank and thank your top customers. Let your customers connect and engage with peers and your business all in a branded site. Salesforce allows you to customize your community with your business’s colors and logos.

Share Account Information

A Salesforce Customer Community can be a single source of information for your customers. This includes all the account information they might need to access. Account information might include profile information, open cases, and more. Unifying all the information from multiple sources you hold can give customers a single view of the information they want access to. Communities let customers check their information, contact support, and even update their information, allowing them and you to both be efficient when looking for an answer or needing to make an update. Give your customers access to their account information anywhere at any time with both desktop and mobile experience for a seamless transition from their home to on the go.

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