Responsive Web Design to Improve the Bottom Line

Responsive websites are increasingly important in a mobile computing world. So important, it can have impact on your bottom line.

Responsive web design isn’t something organizations can be on the fence about. In fact, there really aren’t two sides to the issue. If your website isn’t responsive, it is like hanging on to typewriters to still type reports.The world is going mobile, and smartphones and tablets are dominating the computing landscape. Visitors, employees, new-hire candidates, prospects and clients will be looking at your website from multiple devices and if your website isn’t accommodating those devices, you will lose business.

Being Responsive to Visitors’ Responsive Needs

The stats show that 61% of mobile visitors are less likely to take any action on a website that isn’t responsive
to their device. What happens to that overwhelming majority? They’ll find your competitors who have
responsive websites.

In this eBook, you’ll get the scoop on what you can do about this massive change to web browsing behavior,
including how to improve your bottom line with some changes to modernize your website.

Excerpt from How to Improve Your Bottom Line with Responsive Web Design:

Think about the last website you visited on a mobile device. Were you able to find what you needed in
three clicks or fewer?

Experts say that mobile users should be able to do this easily, or organizations risk losing those prospective customers. And in reality, the majority of users (78% to be exact) want to find what they need in only one or two clicks.

This statistic makes it clear that mobile websites should not only be responsively designed, but should be responsively designed with the most sought-after content at top-of-mind. If you know that your free, one-hour consultation is one of the most-clicked offers, include a button that users can click on from the mobile homepage. If your organization tends to get many event registrants, place an events button on your mobile homepage that leads to a (mobile-friendly) listing of events where users can easily and quickly sign up on their mobile device.

Arm Yourself with Responsive Web Design Knowledge to Improve Your Bottom Line

Get your complimentary copy of the How to Improve Your Bottom Line with Responsive Web Design by viewing the presentation below or downloading
a copy directly.

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