Quick Look – The New Dynamics AX Navigation Features

Quick Look – The New Dynamics AX Navigation Features

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of “Quick Look”- The New Dynamics AX.  My name is Jeremy Centner and I’m a pre-sales architect for Sikich, a large professional services firm based outside of Chicago Illinois.  Sikich occupies several segments of professional services including Technology, Advisory, Accounting, and Investment Banking.  We have been in business for over 30 years and currently have over 700 employees. Sikich has been recognized as a great place to work, a top regional accounting firm, and a top technology solution provider.

The New Dynamics AX Navigation Features

In this edition of quick look we will be covering navigation of the New Dynamics AX. For new users, navigating a large enterprise solution like AX can seem daunting, and creates some challenges.  Some early challenges you may face are efficient navigation, quick access to data, and too many mouse clicks. After watching this short video you should be able to navigate the New Dynamics AX with ease.

There are four main ways to navigate the new Dynamics AX, and depending on your preference, you’ll probably use a combination of these methods. We will now walk through workspaces, the navigation pane favorites, and the improved search functions introduced in the new Dynamics AX.


In the new Dynamics AX, role centers have gone away and have been replaced with workspaces. Workspaces are a key concept within Dynamics AX because they are the starting point for all users. This handy new tool will provide you with all the information you need for your work day, making it the perfect place to start your day. Here you are seeing an alphabetized list of the standard out of the box workspaces.  Let’s take a look at the “Cost of Administration” workspace. Now within these workspaces, on the left side you’ll find windows like tiles holding filtered sets of data and other pertinent information. In the middle column you will find more details and specifics relating to your area of focus. As you scroll to the right hand side, you’ll see a place to store Power Bi tiles and also helpful links. This information gives us great insight to how the business is operating. It’s important to note that these workspaces can be configured and personalized. You can add or remove tiles, insert Power Bi graphs and metrics, as well as move the columns around with in the workspace.

Navigation Pane

The second method of navigation is the Navigation Pane or the “Nav” pane. This method will look very familiar to users coming from a previous version of Dynamics AX.  This pane houses all of the modules a particular user has access to.  When you click into a module you’ll see all the tables and forms related to that particular module. The modules are then broken down into more granular areas such as set up reports and inquiries, as well as more common areas like customers and sales orders.  Microsoft has even improved the “Nav” pane with a feature called “Recent,” which tracks your recent navigation path for easy access to previous forms.


The third way to navigate the new Dynamics AX, resides within the Nav pane, is a function called Favorites. This feature will look and feel very similar to the “Favorites” functionality within Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. A user can simply navigate to a menu option and ‘mark it’ as a Favorite. That Favorite will then be stored within that section of the navigation pane until the user decides to remove it.


The fourth and final way to get around the system is the new and improved “Search” functionality.  This is my favorite way to get around the system. You simply type what you’re looking for and let the system do all the work.  The search function will start to pull and filter data as you type. The search feature can get you anywhere in the system you need to go, along with a reference to the navigation path.


Knowing how to navigate the system can create efficiencies and makes you more productive when using the new Dynamics AX.  You will most likely use a combination of Workspaces, the Navigation Pane, Favorites, and the new improved Search functions.

Thanks for watching this “Quick Look” video and please feel free to email me with any questions.

Thank you!

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Jeremy Centner
Jeremy Centner is a Presales Consultant at SIkich. Jeremy has worked actively on several AX implementations across a spectrum of industries including Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail, and Service Operations.
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