Microsoft Dynamics GP Tips – How to Protect Your Dates

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Fat finger mistakes…it happens to the best of us and can cause major headaches! Dynamics GP gives you a tool to help minimize the frequency and prevent some of these errors. Best of all it’s FREE! Starting in 2012, Microsoft made the Professional Service Tools Library (aka, PSTL) available to users at no cost. It is this library that will help you protect your dates from accidental errors.

PSTL gives us some very powerful tools at our fingertips, one of which is Doc Date Verify. The goal of Doc Date Verify is to prevent posting of dates in the sub-ledger that are not set up as Fiscal Periods.

For example, if you enter an Accounts Payable Voucher and accidentally write the date as “4/12/2071” instead of “4/12/2017,” you can post this on in the sub-ledger. As a result, you won’t catch the mistake until you attempt to post it to the General Ledger. Of course, when that happens, the date certainly won’t be part of a created fiscal period, resulting in an error. You can easily correct the date for the GL, but what happens with your sub-ledger entry? If it’s not corrected, you will have that voucher set as current for the next 54 years!

Now, activate Doc Date Verify. If you accidentally type that same date of “4/12/2071,” you’ll receive the following error: “A Fiscal Period for this date has not been set up.” From there, you can correct your typo before posting, thereby letting you enjoy your retirement rather then worrying if this 54-year-old invoice was ever paid!

For more information about Doc Date Verify or the other tools available with PSTL, contact us for assistance! We’re more than happy to help.

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