Measuring Customer Satisfaction Helps Both Clients and Managed Services Providers

If your business utilizes a Managed Services provider for its technology, you’ve undoubtedly had to submit a support ticket or two. You’ve also most likely given a rating for your support interactions and resolutions. Managed Services providers use these ratings for not only feedback on their customer service representatives, but also for a wealth of additional information. In fact, the client (aka your business) can also gain insightful info from measuring customer satisfaction. In other words, if your business tracks these support scores as well, you will learn plenty about your employees in addition to your provider.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction for Clients

Low scores on support tickets can help reveal pain points due to:

  • Inadequate service
    • Are your requests being handled with the correct priority?
    • Does your provider understand the needs of your business?
    • Do the same issues pop up repeatedly?
  • Training needs
    • high frequency of user assistance tickets
    • patterns in types of issues
  • Needs for additional technology/solutions
    • recurring software issues
    • complaints due to poor performance or inadequate network infrastructure
    • too many tickets resulting in loss of productivity or downtime

Measuring Customer Satisfaction for Managed Services Providers

  • Opportunities for process improvement
  • Training needs for technical staff
  • Patterns across multiple clients/increased expertise from additional data points
  • Staffing needs

The Sikich Approach to Measuring Customer Satisfaction

  • Clients have the opportunity to decide as when each ticket is closed.
  • Clients mark each ticket with a score if they choose and have the opportunity to leave feedback.
  • Sikich reviews and analyzes data from hundreds of tickets every month. We analyze them not only for the scores they were given, but also for the following:
    • Types of requests
    • Who is submitting the request?
    • When are certain requests submitted?
    • How quickly did we respond?
    • How quickly did we resolve?
    • Did we escalate at the right time?
    • What feedback does the user have?
  • Client Satisfaction Reports are available by request and also delivered during quarterly business review meetings with your vCIO.

Sikich’s customer satisfaction for Managed Services in January was 99.12%. Our goal for monthly average customer satisfaction in 2018 is 99% or better. Contact us today to learn more about our Managed Services offerings.

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