Maximizing the Value of Oracle Cloud Quarterly Updates

Oracle Cloud’s upcoming 24B release marks another stride forward in delivering continuous innovation and value to its customers. However, the journey to fully harnessing the benefits of these updates extends far beyond the mere integration of new features; it necessitates meticulous planning, extensive testing, and widespread adoption throughout your organizational framework. This is precisely where the invaluable expertise of Sikich Oracle Cloud Advisory Services comes into play, poised to make a significant difference in your Oracle Cloud journey.

Staying Informed

These quarterly updates encompass a multitude of changes, ranging from the introduction of new features to the implementation of critical security patches. Grasping the nuances of these changes and comprehending their potential implications is vital for effective planning. While Oracle delivers detailed documentation and thorough release notes, navigating through this can prove intimidating and time-consuming. This is where the significance of Sikich Oracle Cloud Advisory Services shines through, providing expert guidance in understanding these updates, guaranteeing that your organization takes full advantage of the new features in each new release.


Successfully navigating through the Oracle Cloud update process requires careful planning and the dedication of resources. Sikich Oracle Cloud Advisory Services are well-equipped to take on this responsibility, drawing from the team’s extensive experience and Oracle expertise. From devising a comprehensive strategy for downtime management and effective communication to end users, Sikich leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that your organization reaps the benefits of each update.


Testing represents another crucial aspect of the quarterly update process. Oracle adopts a phased approach, initially rolling out updates to customer test environments before pushing them into production environments. This provides organizations with a two-week opportunity to conduct thorough testing, thereby reducing the likelihood of unexpected disruptions. Sikich Oracle Cloud Advisory Services seamlessly streamline this testing process by offering an array of comprehensive testing procedures and services. With thorough regression testing scripts, Sikich assists in pinpointing and addressing potential issues ahead of time, ensuring the smooth continuity of daily operations.


Oracle Cloud’s quarterly updates offer numerous benefits, but realizing their full potential depends on effectively managing the update process. Don’t let the Oracle Cloud updates become a daunting challenge. Ensure a smooth transition with expert guidance on update features and thorough testing procedures to maximize the value of your Oracle Cloud investment by optimizing adoption and user experience. Sikich is your partner in navigating the process. Please contact the Sikich Oracle Cloud Advisory Services team at any time to learn more about our services and offerings.

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