Internal IT Threats and How Managed Services Comes to Mind

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It is no secret that the world of technology today is always under threat for breaches, data exposure, or hacking. Where there is one person trying to protect their information, there are two more around the corner trying to outsmart the system. At a personal level, this is stressful. At a company level, this can be an immeasurable catastrophe. Technical vulnerabilities, threats, and risks can be debilitating for any business regardless of a company’s stability or status. No matter the role at your organization, it is time to start thinking about protecting your company’s critical information. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to leave your system vulnerable for malicious attackers to exploit. You might desire to be proactive, but are unsure of what to do to protect sensitive data from security threats. Sound familiar? The first step I recommend as an IT professional is assessing your data security infrastructure. It is critical that you are confident in your organization’s IT security. Regardless of your company’s new beginning or mature legacy, it is never too late to reach out to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to help execute the heavy lifting when it comes to minimizing cybersecurity risks.


Believe it or not, most threats facing a company’s data and systems is contributed by internal attackers or uninformed employees. In some instances, rogue employees can cause more serious damage than an external hacker with IT knowledge to access data centers, networks, and administration accounts (scary, right?). At the same time, a careless worker who clicks on a link in an email or opens email attachments is just as much of a security threat. The danger is not just in the user. Hacker communication with internal personnel is becoming more frequent. An email that used to be unmistakably suspicious may now have the company’s logo, similar email layout, and signatures of prominent employees within the company. Imagine how damaging this could be to your organization.

In many instances, it only takes one click for your database to be entirely compromised. On top of compromised information, this means delayed business operations and financial setbacks.

I’ve shared the potential bad news, but I bring good news as well! Security management does not have to give you instant heartburn. What’s the light at the end of the tunnel? Trained IT specialists are available to help you significantly reduce operational risks. You can take the common path of severe recon work after critical damage has already been done. Or, you can learn from the unfortunate mistake of others and explore the road of proactive and preventative measures to avoid catastrophic IT breaches. Could you use one less headache on an already busy schedule? Let’s look closer at this alternative.


IT security is a broad topic that covers many points. Broken down, proper security measures can protect the network, the servers, and endpoints. In our experience, once a company has been compromised, it can completely grind business productivity to a halt. With ever-changing and growing technology environments, it’s essential to protect your IT infrastructure.

One crucial element is maintaining updates and patches to your system and programs, but that is just one dynamic. Security doesn’t get a day off. If you want your organization to be fully protected, proactive security measures should be in place around the clock. Many organizations find that the most effective and efficient method to accomplish this goal is by partnering with an experienced MSP. An MSP partnership ensures optimal health and performance of hardware, servers, operate systems, platforms, and applications. MSPs also allow for standardized security maintenance across the company allowing for modifications to be implemented as needed and automatically.

Sikich is an MSP that has been bringing peace of mind and security to hundreds of clients. If you’re not a hundred percent confident in your IT security and stable system accessibility, let’s chat.

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