June 2016 Microsoft Dynamics & NetSuite Tips and Tricks

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Use the Post Feature to Share Information that Is Not Activity Related

As is often the case, you probably receive information about your clients that you want to share with others in your company.  Today many sales executives craft a nice email and send it out to the sales organization notifying them of some exciting news related to one of your clients.  Over time your email gets lost or discarded. However, in some instances it may be important information which is better stored in Microsoft CRM. But where do you record it?

In the Microsoft CRM Activity window there is a section for POSTS in which a user can create an informational post that will be displayed on the client account record.  In the example below the sales rep wanted to let the team know that Coho has opened up a new west coast sales office in California.  Additionally, other users can like or reply to posts just the way do on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Thinking of upgrading? These Factors Will Impact the Cost

If you’re thinking about upgrading your Microsoft Dynamics GP software, that’s a great idea. Every new version adds so many features and so much functionality, that it’s a worthwhile endeavor. Having said that, it’s important to understand the factors that will impact the cost of your upgrade. That’s why we’ve compiled this list:

  • What version of GP version are you on?  Have all of the patches and updates been installed?   (If so, the cost to upgrade will be significantly lower)
  • How many companies are being used?
  • Are there historic databases that need to be upgraded?
  • What is the size of the databases?
  • Are there custom reports?
  • Do you have any custom integrations?
  • Consider any 3rd party add-on (ISV) modules
  • Can your users be off the system during the day or will the upgrade need to accomplished after hours?
  • Will you be upgrading to new hardware?
  • Have you already upgraded from FRx to Management Reporter?
  • Do you have any custom windows or any other system customizations?
  • Are you looking to implement the Web Client in the new version of GP?
  • What version of Windows and Office are you currently using?

For a standard environment with a basic installation, the upgrade is straightforward (may be completed in less than a week).  However, an upgrade may require several months of planning for a complex customized installation.   Your Client Account Manager can provide a free estimate and help with your strategic upgrade planning.

Add a Report to your Role Center

Here are the steps for adding a report to your role center:

  1. You have ability to add any report to your role center for easy access
  2. Right click on the button from the menu list and select “Add to Reports on Role Center Ribbon”
  3. You will now see the report on the role center

Time Tracking has been Updated and Improved

With the new release of NetSuite 2016.1 you can now view and edit your weekly time sheet at the same time. Prior to this release, when a weekly time sheet was submitted the time recorded was no longer visible on the time sheet. Now, after you save the time sheet, the entries remain visible, thereby enabling you to edit existing entries or create new entries.

Note:  You can only edit those time entries that are available for editing. Time entries that have been charged, posted, billed, or approved are no longer available for editing.

Time entries will be grouped on the same line when they have the same project, task, details and availability for editing. After you have submitted or saved a time sheet, approved entries appear with a green background and unapproved entries appear with a blue background.

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