Infographic: How Simon Roofing Transformed Its Customer Service with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Simon Roofing, a family-owned roofing business with a legacy dating back to 1900, embarked on a transformative technology journey to modernize its operations for the next century of excellence. Collaborating with Sikich, Simon Roofing deployed Microsoft Dynamics 365, a cloud-based solution that has revolutionized how the company serves its customers and manages its processes.

Check out this infographic showcasing Simon Roofing’s modernization with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Explore how Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Field Service, and Sales have aligned seamlessly with Simon Roofing’s commitment to continuous improvement and exceptional customer service. From optimizing processes to enhancing transparency, see the key pillars of Simon Roofing’s digital transformation journey.

Simon Roofing Dynamics 365 customer service case study

Continuous Improvement: A Core Value

At Simon Roofing, the ethos of continuous improvement permeates every aspect of the business. Co-owner Marian Nolletti emphasizes, “We will never look at something and say, ‘This is good enough.'” This commitment to progress propelled Simon Roofing to evaluate its technological infrastructure critically, especially as its legacy systems approached obsolescence. Despite being a leader in the roofing industry, Simon Roofing recognized the need to evolve technologically to maintain its competitive edge.

Outgrowing Legacy Solutions

Simon Roofing’s reliance on outdated software, coupled with the absence of mobile capabilities and integration challenges, hindered its ability to deliver seamless customer experiences. Melanie Whistler, Customer Service Manager at Simon Roofing, explains, “We began to be limited by the technology we had in place.” Recognizing the need for change, Simon Roofing sought a modern, comprehensive solution that could streamline operations and enhance customer service.

A Perfect Fit: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Field Service, And Sales

Given Simon Roofing’s extensive use of Microsoft solutions, adopting the CRM capabilities of Dynamics 365 was a natural choice. Kevin Rast, CIO at Simon Roofing, highlights the modularity and integration capabilities of Dynamics 365 as pivotal factors in their decision. With Sikich’s expertise and understanding of Simon Roofing’s unique requirements, the implementation of Dynamics 365 was not just successful but exceeded expectations.

Transformative Impact

The deployment of Dynamics 365 has empowered Simon Roofing to optimize its processes, enhance transparency, and elevate customer service to new heights. With integrated CRM functionalities and role-tailored dashboards, Simon Roofing’s teams can collaborate seamlessly and make data-driven decisions with ease. Automation features have streamlined workflows, enabling greater efficiency and productivity across the organization.

Simon Roofing’s journey exemplifies the power of technology to drive meaningful change and propel businesses towards future success. By embracing innovation and leveraging cutting-edge solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Simon Roofing has positioned itself as a leader in its industry, ready to thrive in the digital age. As other companies seek to embark on similar transformations, Simon Roofing’s story serves as a testament to the value of strategic partnership, visionary leadership, and a relentless commitment to excellence.

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