How to Improve Organizational Effectiveness through Training

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Creating a formal training and development program for your organization not only helps support your compliance efforts, but it also shows employees that you want to invest in their success. There are various types of training that could be included in your organization’s program, but they all have a few common traits: they should be prioritized, evaluated for effectiveness and well-documented. Could your organization create or update any of these common training programs?

  1. On-the-Job Training: Although this is common during one’s first week or month in a new position, one-the-job training and coaching can be an ongoing activity. This could be an opportunity to use a mentor approach, keeping the program simple and cost-effective.
  2. Safety Training: Take an inventory of any potential safety concerns in your organization and work with your insurance broker to figure out what safety training is available on the outside through your carriers. If a claim is filed, demonstrating that you’ve provided appropriate training will pay dividends. Some companies are even offering cyber safety courses in order to protect their infrastructure from cyber attacks.
  3. Certification Training: What licenses or certifications are necessary for your employees to function? They typically all have an expiration date, so make sure you have identified an internal individual who can track the terms of the document and provide reminders to those involved.
  4. Supervisory Training: Supervisors are your first line of defense—what skills could you help them improve? Whether that might include harassment prevention training, interviewing skills training or discipline and termination training, what a supervisor says and does may be critical to defending against an employment claim.
  5. Harassment Prevention Training: Whether you have two employees or 2,000 employees, you must conduct harassment prevention training on a regular basis and document attendance. If an employees brings a harassment claim forward, it is critical that you can show training has been provided to your employees.

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