Human Resources Assessment: Optimizing Processes and Streamlining Efficiencies

Client Challenge

An existing client reached out for help with their Human Resources (HR) department. At the time, they were undergoing growing pains and uncovered cases of noncompliance. The client was concerned with “not knowing what they didn’t know” and lacked faith in their existing HR staff. As a result, they turned to Sikich’s HR experts.

Sikich HR consultants met with the client to discuss their concerns. They first had us review their existing HR department and procedures to determine if they were compliant at state and federal levels. Before proceeding with major changes to the client’s company, we also reviewed their processes to identify whether they were efficient, if they were following best practices and if the changes they were proposing made sense for their organization.

The Solution

Based on the client’s challenges and concerns, it was decided that an HR Assessment would be the best option to fully evaluate their practices and uncover compliance concerns or inefficiencies.

An assessment team was formed, and Sikich spent two days at the client’s location. In addition to observing the HR staff and reviewing critical documents and forms, our team met with key management personnel and other departments that interacted regularly with the HR team.

The Results

Sikich outlined the findings from their interviews and onsite observations; then made a list of compliance and best practice recommendations for the organization to implement.

The HR consultants worked with the client to put together a list of high importance action items that needed addressed based on the recommendations provided. The client was able to solve these issues immediately with the guidance and assistance of Sikich’s HR consultants.

The client worked diligently to get their compliance issues corrected and to streamline existing processes. With the help of our consultants, in a short period of time, the client was able to get the issues corrected and minimized. In some cases, they were able to avoid any fines that could have incurred if these issues were not uncovered. Ultimately, the client reduced time spent on several of their processes: saving time, resources and reduced cost.


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