Human Resources Assessment: Assisting a Growing Company

Client Challenge

Due to changes within the executive team at a manufacturing company, Sikich was asked to complete a Human Resources (HR) Assessment of the client’s HR department. The goal of the assessment was to determine if there were compliance concerns to address, as well as to review the structure of the department (in terms of staff and skill level) to determine if there was room for efficiency improvements within the growing company.

The Solution

The Sikich Human Capital Management & Payroll Services team went on-site to interview the staff in the HR Department and key executives at the organization. Additionally, a survey was conducted with key HR department users in order to provide feedback of the services offered by the HR team.

After completing our on-site visits and interviews, Sikich worked to compile survey results and review the company’s forms, policies, and procedures. This information was utilized in the creation of an HR report that included findings on best practices, efficiency opportunities, the HR department structure, and compliance concerns.

The Results

The Sikich team completed the HR Assessment for the company, working closely with them to identify items in need of immediate attention. Based on the information provided, the manufacturing client was able to restructure their HR department to drive effectiveness and efficiency as the company continues to grow in size.

Our assessment identified areas where the company needed to improve, including talent management and noncompliance. We helped them determine who within their HR team was positively growing the manufacturing business and who needed more training attention. The client also took immediate corrective action to rectify compliance concerns we identified—this helped the organization avoid costly fines and penalties.


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