How Account Executives and Client Account Managers at Sikich Differ From Other Partners

Meet our Account Executives

Sikich’s Account Executives are in charge of meeting potential clients and introducing them to Sikich and Sikich’s team members. The Account Executives explain all areas of Sikich’s expertise, and they explain how each area can potentially meet the client’s short term and long-term goals. We work closely with clients to roadmap their goals and align them with our existing practices.

For example, if you are looking for a new ERP solution to work with your existing (or new) CRM solution, our Account Executives will discuss your needs, goals, and current problems. With the help of our consultants, we will then discuss which solution we would recommend—NetSuite, D365 BC, or D365 Finance and Operations. We will also discuss endpoints, such as reporting, Business Intelligence, Microsoft Power BI, and how all systems can align to give insight to critical areas within your vocation.

As with any new business relationships, there are complicated contracts to work through, details to sort out, and agreements to be made. We negotiate and solve any potential problems before these contracts are signed. That is where our Account Executives come into play. Our Account Executives are the lead points of contact for all client matters. We anticipate your needs, and work within the company to ensure deadlines for you are met and help you and Sikich succeed as a team. When you sign our contracts and join the Sikich family with an implementation, our Account Executives do proper handoff meetings with our implementation team. The implementation team will remain part of the Solution Planning and Design to ensure that all requests and goals are met. Sikich prides ourselves on having our Account Executives be part of the planning phase.

Once the planning phase is approved and the implementation begins, we introduce our Client Account Managers to you.

Enter our Client Account Managers

Our Client Account Managers follow the project from the beginning of the go-live stage and then continue to work with you after go-live. Our jobs (as well as our Consultants) is 100% satisfaction. We give you a “Report Card” at the end of the project to grade us on all things such as the Business Development Experience, your experience with our Project Manager, timeline, estimate vs. budget, etc.

These “Report Cards” are essential for us so we can receive feedback and to continually ensure that we are listening to you and are aligning your needs with our expertise.

It is very important for Client Account Manager to understand our clients’ objectives and to help them achieve their goals, both short term and long term. As your business changes, so do your priorities.

We make sure to discuss the changing marketplace and how we can apprise you of these changes in the market. All of us work closely with our Consulting team members, our Support team members, and our clients to ensure open communication with any questions or concerns. We also build strong relationships with our Partners and continually discuss their enhancements, and if these can help our clients. By understanding our clients’ needs, we can help answer questions, strategically solve your problems and needs, and maintain long-term strategic partnerships with our clients.

So, from the first introduction to ongoing relationships, you are always in good hands with our Account Executives and Client Account Managers.

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