How Recruitment Marketing Technology Can Change Your Talent Acquisition Process, Team and Candidate Experience

The launch of recruitment marketing (RM) technology has reshaped the landscape of talent acquisition, redirecting organizations towards a customer-centric approach that requires greater adaptability and a forward-thinking mindset. This means that companies must effectively convey and express their brand during the entire talent acquisition journey – teams will need to interact and connect with candidates from the initial discovery stage through the nurturing phase, and, ultimately, to the hiring of talent. While an organization might argue it’s already doing this, consider how intentional talent acquisition teams are with candidate experiences, including interactions with applicants that don’t receive an offer, and if there are discrepancies among the ways different talent acquisition consultants speak about your organization. This often requires both a shift in organizations’ approach and tools.

Here’s how RM technology can change your talent acquisition process, team and candidate experience:

Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition

Historically, talent acquisition has focused primarily on sourcing and hiring candidates. Under the new paradigm, this extends beyond the traditional methodology. RM technology enables talent acquisition by incorporating marketing principles to attract, engage and retain top talent while simultaneously monitoring candidates’ reactions and actions. Talent acquisition, under this new focused approach, leverages diverse channels, such as social media, job boards and employer branding initiatives to amplify compelling narratives about the organization, its culture and why candidates should join. The process is like consumer product marketing, where companies must find creative ways to attract target audiences’ attention and drive consumers to buy – or, in this case, apply.

Empowering Talent Acquisition Teams

RM technology equips talent acquisition teams with the tools needed to effectively communicate an employer’s brand in a single technology and engage with candidates using a consistent message throughout the recruitment lifecycle. By automating this process, recruiters can focus on what is meaningful, like building relationships with candidates. Leaders are also provided critical insights into the effectiveness of recruitment strategies through RM technology analytics, enabling data-informed decisions.

Enhancing Candidate Experience

In today’s recruiting environment, providing an exceptional experience is more than just important in attracting and retaining top talent – it’s expected. RM technology can enhance a candidate’s experience by delivering branded and personalized communication, timely updates and transparent feedback. Through regular, branded and targeted campaigns, organizations can provide relevant touchpoints with candidates. This fosters a favorable perception of the candidate’s experience and the brand.

Embracing the Future

Embracing RM technology as a part of the overall talent acquisition technology suite requires organizations to adapt their legacy approach to recruiting and hiring talent. This evolution focuses on a more holistic talent acquisition process.   Implementing RM technology is the beginning of your organization’s journey to a better recruiting and hiring experience. While there will be growing pains along the way, those that choose not to embrace the future of talent acquisition risk falling behind the competition and potentially losing great candidates.

By prioritizing process changes that focus on the brand and the employee value proposition and allowing the recruiters to focus on creating long-term relationships with candidates, organizations are creating a sustainable process that strategically positions their brand and aligns candidates with their employer value proposition.

Our team at Sikich is dedicated to enhancing your RM process and tools, maximizing your ability to revolutionize talent acquisition, empowering your teams, and enhancing the candidate experience. If you’re ready to take your talent acquisition strategy to new heights, contact our team today.

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