HEADSTART 101: The Bridge From a Legacy System to Modern Technology

Everyone agrees that business and technology have a vitally important relationship. Sometimes, however, that relationship causes pain before it creates progress. Have you ever heard people tell you that their company is “implementing a new system”? You can see the panic in their eyes, can’t you? It’s imperative for businesses to take advantage of modern technology advances and avoid being outdated. But we all know that moving to a new system and successfully using it are two entirely different things. And the hiccups during the learning curve can not only be expensive, they can be catastrophic for the following reasons:

  • Late projects
  • Unfamiliar users
  • Uncertain customers
  • Lack of data and performance visibility
  • Loss of sales

This list could go on for days. And it’s exactly where HEADSTART comes in.

HEADSTART is a working model of Microsoft Dynamics 365 that’s customized for equipment and machine manufacturers and distributors.

For companies in this vertical that are ready—or desperately late—to convert to a modern cloud solution, HEADSTART is unparalleled! It takes the frustration out of migration, with advantages such as:

  • Shorter time to benefit
  • More speed to the bottom line
  • Less implementation cost
  • Quicker comprehension and application

Think of the difference between traveling cross-county in a train versus a commercial airline. The plane is your new, modern technology. The passengers are your customers. HEADSTART is your pilot, taking you from where you are to where you want to go. Faster!

Modern Technology Built By People Who Get You

HEADSTART was created by talented, experienced practitioners who understand both the technology and the industry. Thousands of hours were dedicated to launching a trade-specific, pre-built solution.

Here’s a simple way to think about it. Have you ever struggled to put together furniture? Can’t you tell when the assembly manual was produced by a person who actually put together the furniture? Isn’t it so much better when the directions are written by someone who has done the exact thing you’re trying to accomplish?

HEADSTART was created by people who understand you, your industry, and your clients’ needs. The simple goal is for you and your business to thrive!

Start With A Working System

HEADSTART delivers a standard system configuration and then shows you how to customize it as you go. It’s agile. It evolves and keeps pace as clients’ needs change and software updates.

The aim was to move away from the old model of building a system once, modifying it like crazy, and then spending a ton of money to upgrade it after a decade or so.

HEADSTART is evergreen—it stays with you forever. That’s why quality is built in from the very beginning.

It’s also why

  • Refinement, improvement, and feedback are a big part of the system; and
  • Best practices and standard operating procedures are always accessible.

HEADSTART moves you forward without setting you back. Think smooth sailing instead of turbulent transition. The philosophy is that the faster you can get your hands on the system, the faster you can comprehend and customize it. And the sooner you can achieve results like the following:

  • Consistent, reliable, repeatable, and predictable success
  • Happy clients and working teams
  • No more budget blowouts or long project runways

With HEADSTART, you get training, testing, application, visibility, and refinement, all in one! You will also save time, money, AND migration frustration. Contact us today to schedule a discovery call!

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