Firming planned orders by adding lines to an existing order in Microsoft Dynamics AX

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For Purchase orders and Transfer orders, we have a very handy functionality in Dynamics AX’s Master Planning that has been there since the beginning: While firming a planned order, add it as a line to an existing order.

Add to existing Purchase orders

The surprising news is that for planned purchase orders, I can select from a list of existing Purchase orders for any vendor and in any status.


The field “Purchase order number” allows selection of an existing Purchase order to ‘firm to’.

  • The firming will ignore the vendor on my planned Purchase order.
  • I can add to Purchase orders in any status except the workflow status “finalized.”*
  • When I use the approved vendor list, I will get a warning when the vendor-item combination is not approved.


The list of Purchase orders I could attach my planned Purchase order to is unfiltered. But I will get an error when selecting a finalized Purchase order.
* The approval status “finalized” is set by a batch program in the “periodic” section of the Procurement module. If will switch the approval status field (used for workflow) to “Finalized” when the PO status is “Invoiced.”

Add to existing Transfer orders

The same functionality exists for Transfer orders. In this case, filtering on my list of existing Transfer orders will make sure I can only select a Transfer order with the same FROM and TO warehouse, but there is no filter on status. When I select a Transfer order in status “Received,” it will snap right back to status “Created” when I add a new line.

Just like for planned Purchase orders, the field is found in the Planned supply fast tab of the planned transfer order.

No Production orders

This functionality cannot exist for Production orders as they have no lines and only produce one product.


I have found this “firming to existing order” functionality to be important for customers. Adding to existing Purchase orders is typically used in environments with a lot of last minute changes (and where do we not have that?) and of course, in the case of flexible suppliers.

As far as transfer orders go, a recent distribution customer with their own fleet of trucks highly appreciated the firming to existing Transfer orders when doing a last-minute addition to fill the truck.

Note: This functionality exists identically in all AX versions. But we did not have a workflow for Purchase orders in Dynamics AX 2009 and prior so there was no “finalized” status for Purchase orders.


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