Dreamforce 2023: AI and Beyond

The Sikich Salesforce team had an exhilarating experience in San Francisco at Dreamforce 2023. Year after year, Salesforce outdoes itself, and this year was no exception. The spotlight was on their AI capabilities, notably the Einstein 1 Platform. The platform’s comprehensive features, including the Einstein Trust Layer and Einstein Co-Pilot, are now seamlessly integrated across all Salesforce applications. This offers businesses the power of intelligent AI with the flexibility of low to no-code solutions across various Salesforce clouds.

Einstein Offerings Across the Different Clouds

Einstein 1 Sales

Dive into a streamlined sales process with features like Automated Prospecting that pinpoints potential leads, Sales GPT for optimizing sales strategies, and the precision of Einstein Forecasting to anticipate sales trends.

Einstein 1 Service

Elevate customer service standards with the Field Service Revenue Generation tool, the analytical prowess of Service Intelligence, and the integration capabilities of GPT.

Einstein 1 Marketing

Marketing takes a futuristic turn with Segmented Intelligence that custom-tailors marketing strategies, the integration ease of GPT, and an exciting partnership with Typeface to elevate brand messaging.

Einstein 1 Commerce

The e-commerce landscape is enhanced with Commerce Intelligence insights, GPT’s seamless integration, and a direct “Pay Now” feature to simplify transactions.

Einstein 1 Tableau

Data visualization leaps forward with the dynamic Tableau Pulse, the assisting hand of Copilot, and the smart capabilities of Intelligent Apps.

Einstein 1 Canvas (Quip)

Document collaboration becomes more intuitive as Canvas brings Custom Templates for tailored content, in-depth API & Analytics for data-driven decisions, and streamlined Workflows.

Einstein 1 MuleSoft

Streamlining integration tasks is easier than ever with the Anycode Builder to customize integrations, the Flow feature for seamless data transition, and Intelligent Document Processing for smart document management.

Einstein 1 Industries

Specialized industry solutions shine with the AI-driven LifeScience Cloud, the innovative Education Skill Generator for academic institutions, and Consumer Goods Einstein tailored for retail insights.

Other Features Announced at Dreamforce 2023

Generative AI plays a pivotal role in enhancing Flow Builder by aiding in the development of flows.

Another standout feature is MuleSoft’s incorporation of Einstein for the AnyPoint Code Builder. This unique tool lets developers initiate the building process using natural language, laying the groundwork for integration flows in MuleSoft. Impressively, it even accounts for and constructs exception scenarios. Additionally, MuleSoft processes can now be invoked directly from Flow Builder.

Moreover, Salesforce unveiled the AnyPoint Flex Gateway, enabling teams to devise adaptable security policies and data filters for APIs. The accompanying AnyPoint API Governance tool facilitates robust management of APIs, granting teams the capability to establish and modify security protocols seamlessly.

On the CPQ front, anticipations are high for its upcoming document and contract management features, especially the redline capability for change tracking.

Slack enthusiasts have a reason to rejoice as well, with the introduction of fundamental sales cloud features, including lead and opportunity management.

Lastly, Salesforce’s announcement regarding the complimentary access to Data Cloud and two Tableau Creator licenses for Enterprise tier customers was the cherry on top. The Data Cloud offers integrated connectors for diverse data sourcing, culminating in a Data Stream. This facilitates the definition of matching rules, data unification, and the utilization of Calculated Insights for data computations.

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