How to Develop Association Membership Engagement: Educate Members

Examples of educational programs include classes and workshops that present new association information, industry news, and industry training. It is recommended that curriculum and information be presented in multiple deliveries: Audio, webinar, internet-based and face-to-face. Therefore, the provided education and training spans a wide variety of members at different membership and learning levels.

Administering classes and workshops seems like a pretty simple thing to do. However, effective associations strive to educate members about the issues that matter most to them and develop educational campaigns that appeal to members’ interests. Appealing to the issues and interests that directly impact members’ lives is what grabs their attention.

Education for Millennials
Educational and training programs gain member loyalty, as well as transform new members during their first year, also known as their “conversion year.” During a member’s conversion year, it is the easiest time to lose a member due to failure to engage and let them know what is proceeding in your association.

  • Online Education
    As younger members turn to the Internet to receive information and connect, it is necessary for associations to align their educational opportunities to meet the needs of new members. Millennials grew up in the digital age; therefore, providing online classes for them is vital.
  • Water-cooler Environment
    Creating a water-cooler environment at meetings and events engages younger members in conversation with peers, because it establishes a comfort level with one another and with the association. Additionally, in a relaxed atmosphere, younger members can learn about association issues and sensitive topics in a non-threatening environment.
  • Teach the Lurkers
    New members consume content in ways that do not involve participating or being present. Look for different channels to send articles and information, such as emails with links to eBook and on-demand webinars.

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