Coronavirus Spurs Virtual Phone System with Microsoft Teams

Nearly everything has changed this year with attempts to navigate life and business with the coronavirus. Going virtual has become a necessary conversation for nearly all businesses since the pandemic started in March. Many things have been transitioned to virtual. One area that businesses should consider transitioning to virtual is their phone system. Has it crossed your mind?

Microsoft Phone System Provides Critical Virtual Business Solutions

Microsoft Phone System on Teams is virtual in all the best ways. The Primary Branch Exchange (PBX), or hardware and software that centrally hosts the system, is virtual on the Microsoft Office 365 cloud.  What does this mean for your business?

The ability to create Auto Attendants that will serve as a virtual receptionist is included with all Microsoft Phone System plans.  This offers an option to replace or augment a live answer receptionist, with the ability to configure different rules during and after business hours, and on holidays.  This even includes speech recognition in 14 different languages!

Since the system is hosted on the Microsoft cloud, it works just as well from home as it does the office (yes, really!).  New phone numbers can be easily provisioned, along with the ability to port existing numbers.  Users can connect from a PC, Mac or mobile device, and make and receive calls with their company phone number from anywhere.

The Microsoft Phone System is designed to run as a soft client on Microsoft Teams and use computer or dedicated mic and speaker hardware.  Traditional form factor handsets also exist, and Microsoft recently announced open SIP support coming in 2021.  This creates a very broad ecosystem of device types.

If you’re already using Teams for virtual presence, chat, group collaboration and meetings, you have every reason to consider leveraging it further as a phone system. Of course, we can talk about Microsoft Phone System until we are blue in the face, but the BEST way for you to get the full picture is for you to SEE this virtual business solution yourself!

Sikich has spotlighted the best parts of the Microsoft Phone System that all Office 365 users should know about. Watch the Microsoft Phone System Demo Series right now to see how to maximize your Office 365 investment!

In this four-part virtual series, you will learn about:

  • Session 1 – Prerequisites and MS Biz Voice Sub
  • Session 2 – AA & Call Queue
  • Session 3 – Information Workers/Forwarding to Mobile
  • Session 4 – Call Quality Planning and Troubleshooting

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