Case Study: Starbucks – Equipment Service Dashboard

Data Service Management and Equipment Service Dashboard

Customer Profile

Cornelius is the world’s leading supplier of beverage dispense and cooling equipment. They manufacture and market an extensive line of beverage dispense systems for beer, juices, teas, drinks and more. Starbucks operates as a roaster, marketer, and retailer of specialty coffee in 65 countries.

Business Situation

Cornelius was hired to develop a new beverage machine for Starbucks, but found there was not a system for tracking and reporting on equipment service data. Service data was typically reported to Starbucks by equipment service providers via Excel spreadsheets with reporting done manually.

Partner Profile

Sikich is an application development and integration services company that combines business experience with industry-standard technologies to help its clients automate business processes and create innovative solutions that deliver greater simplicity, agility and business value.

Sikich Solution

Cornelius and Starbucks engaged Sikich to develop:

  1. an equipment service data warehouse to store all equipment service data, and
  2. an equipment service dashboard and reporting system.

The system now allows both Starbucks and Cornelius to quickly analyze and report on service data driving key equipment performance metrics and lower equipment down time.

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