Case Study – Enabling Operational Efficiency Through Process and Technology Transformation During Growth

Client Challenge:

A private healthcare organization recently hired a new Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO). The CHRO immediately recognized the need for process improvements in the organization’s onboarding procedures. The executive’s goal was to effectively transition from a mom-and-pop shop to a professional organization that could grow rapidly in size and geography. That’s when our team was brought in.

Overall, current onboarding processes were confusing and inefficient, laden with forms to be signed and filed. The technology was not optimized to support the employee life cycle and there was no clear path to a resolution. The goal of the process improvement project was to deliver a positive employee experience while positioning the organization for growth.

The Solution:

Initially, two consultants from our Business Transformation practice worked with the team, but as we uncovered various elements needed for the transformation, our consulting team grew to six.

For the first several client sessions, our approach was to listen, ask questions, understand their challenges and prioritize next steps. Through the initial sessions, our team formulated a sense of the people, organization and technology. We developed proposals that would allow the organization to gain immediate benefit while clarifying mid-and long-term needs.

An urgent action identified early on was the evaluation of the current Human Resource Management System (HRIS)/payroll solution and supporting processes to determine the fit between the organization and the application. This led to determining that additional functionality was available that could improve process flow. Through this assessment, we agreed that the current application offered benefits and could significantly improve processes when integrated with other applications.

Another element of the project was to identify an Applicant Tracking System to replace current spreadsheets and move the organization to consistent and reliable automation of the talent acquisition function. Our team not only provided leadership and support, but also employed deep functional knowledge in working with an outside vendor for a successful implementation. In addition, our team was able to offer support with the organization’s recruiting efforts to ensure attraction and retention of key talent.

In parallel with the finance and operations team engaged with our consultants to evaluate and streamline time and attendance, payroll processing and system configurations.

The Result:

Having gained the healthcare client’s trust, our team continues to provide diverse services encompassing people, processes and technology. As a trusted advisor, we currently further support the client by outsourcing an HRIS analyst, reinventing and streamlining the onboarding process work, and providing payroll enhancements and automation improvements, training, recruiting, and handbook improvements.

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