April 2016 Microsoft Dynamics Tips and Tricks

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In-Place Grid Editing ala Excel Online

Dynamics CRM has always had great tools to allow you to export data to Excel.  Beyond a simple dump of data, this feature has had the ability to store the source query inside of the Excel worksheet so that you can refresh the data outside of CRM as well as allowing you to modify the data and re-import it back into CRM.

With the release of CRM Online 2015 Update 1, Microsoft has incorporated Excel Online right into the product so that you can now edit your data from within an embedded Excel grid, then click a button and have the updates applied.  The need to export the file, make changes and then figure out how to get the import wizard mapped properly is no longer necessary if you have the correct versions of CRM Online and Office 365.

The pre-requisites to get this to work are:

  • CRM Online 2015 Update 1 or later.
  • An Office 365 subscription or a subscription to an online service such as SharePoint Online or Exchange Online.
  • A Microsoft account.
  • Export to Excel privileges in CRM.

See screenshot below:



Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

Do You Have a Favorite SmartList That You Access Often?

Did you know that you can add a quick link to it on your Navigation Pane?  Simply right click anywhere on your Navigation Pane, select “Add” and select “Add SmartList”.  A window of all available SmartLists will appear.  Simply select the SmartList you would like to add.  If you would like to change the name, you can do so or keep the name it currently has.  Click “Add” and you will see it appear in your Navigation Pane.  Click “Done” or you can add others.  It will always appear there in your Navigation Pane when you login.  To remove it or rename it, simply highlight it, right click and select “delete” or “rename”.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Using the F8 Shortcut Key

  1. Use the “F8” Key to fill a field with the value from the field above.
  2. From any page you are selecting data, you fill a field in with the information in the field above quickly.
  3. ) Open a sales order and select some data in the sub form under “Type”

On the line directly under the data already populated, use the “F8” key to populate the field below:




Generate a Sublist from Saved Search Results

In NetSuite, you can create a sublist that displays the results of a Saved Search.  For this example, we want to show all opportunities associated with a Sales Rep on the Sales Rep’s Employee Record.

Create the Saved Search.  Within the Saved Search, check the ‘Available as Sublist View’ option:

Go to the ‘Available Filters’ subtab and apply a filter.  For this example, we are going to select ‘Sales Rep’, so the results of this search will be filtered by Sales Rep:

Save the Search.  Now we will create the Sublist by going to Customization-Forms-Sublists.  Add the new sublist to the corresponding record type.  For this example, we are going to add the sublist ‘Open Opportunities’ to the ‘Entity’ record type so we can apply it to the Employee Record.  Select the Saved Search in the ‘Search’ column, then enter a label and check the appropriate box indicating which record(s) you want this sublist to appear on:

Save the new sublist.  Now, when we go to a Sales Rep’s employee record, we can display the open opportunities associated with that Sales Rep as its own sublist.


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