About Salesforce Einstein Chatbots

A chatbot gets its name from chat robot, a computer program that simulates human conversation via text or text-to-speech. These programs are designed to behave as a human would during a conversation. They normally are used in customer service, request routing, or for information gathering. Chatbots can range from complex, artificial intelligent driven programs or simple, general common phrase conversational tools.

What is an Artificially Intelligent Chatbot?

In recent years, chatbots have become more complex. They harness natural language processors and sophisticated artificial intelligence to greatly improve their quality of understanding and decision-making. When these chatbots connect to large datasets, they learn more complex ways of simulating human conversation, such as managing dialogue and understanding its context.

Over time, using machine learning, chatbots learn from their previous conversations. The chatbots are able to refine and get more precise as they learn from both accurate conversations and the errors they have made.

All in all, chatbots are used to augment human skills, to provide better communication to customers, and ease the load on employees.

Salesforce Einstein Chatbots

Salesforce customers can take advantage of chatbots with Einstein Bots, which use easy point-and-click tools to set up. They can easily connect to existing business processes with Bot Builder to perform actions on behalf of an employee automatically.

Salesforce Einstein bots

Below are some of the features of Einstein Bots.

Transfer Bot Conversations

Einstein Bots can easily pass conversations to the team member that is most likely to solve a customer issue. They can also transfer your customer to another bot or directly to an agent.

Train Your Bot to Understand Customer Intent

Since bots can handle a multitude of scenarios, you can train your bot to understand the ways your customer might ask about something. You can do this by uploading datasets for your bots to train from.

Delay Bots Responses

You can enable a delay to every bot response so that they deliver information to customers at a comfortable reading pace. This will display a typing indicator for your customer to see and aid in the positive customer experience.

Evaluate Your Bots

Salesforce provides metrics on the quality of your bot’s intent model and a detailed look at an individual’s intentions. With this info, you can fine-tune and improve how well your bots understand your customers.

evaluating Salesforce Einstein chatbots

Conversation Repair

The human brain can self-correct and identify that something is wrong and seeks a solution. To ensure customers have a great conversation, you can use conversation repair to handle recognition errors, or when the bot doesn’t understand the input it received. This feature helps the bot to gracefully ask the customer to try their input again with correct formatting. For example, it can ask the customer to re-enter a phone number if the customer entered it with the wrong format.

Salesforce Einstein chatbots conversation repair

Chatbot uses and benefits

Chatbots can help provide a better overall customer experience. Below are just a few examples of how a chatbot can help out.

Always Available Customer Support

Human employees need a break, whereas chatbots do not. Chatbots can provide good customer service 24/7. They can be programmed to give automated answers and help assist at any time of the day.

Ease the load on your employees

Chatbots can deflect easy cases and escalate issues to real employees. This means employees will only be brought in to deal with more complex issues that require creativity or teamwork.

Reduce customer wait times

People do not have to wait for a response from an agent. They can receive the information they are searching for—store hours, locations, or order status—instantly. Thus, chatbots can ultimately reduce your customer’s waiting time and make their experience better.

Collecting leads

Chatbots can gather personal information about the person it is conversing with and collect details about interests or problems they face. Your business can collect and store this information for a future follow-up.

Bots can also deliver a series of relevant questions leading to high-quality leads.

Have any questions about Salesforce Einstein chatbots or chatbots in general? Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!

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